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You're invited to our... 5th anniversary!

The 5th Anniversary Party was a party celebrating Club Penguin Rewritten's fifth anniversary. The party began on February 9, 2022 and concluded on February 21, 2022.


Starting January 18, seven polls were created on the What's New Blog asking players which design they would like for the Plaza, Snow Forts, Forest, Cove, Ski Village, Beach and Dock during the party:

The winning designs for each room are in bold.
Room Design Party
Operation Blackout Plaza phase 1.png
Operation: Blackout
Winter Fiesta 2018 Plaza.png
Winter Fiesta 2018
April Fools' Party 2017 Plaza.png
April Fools' Party 2017
Snow Forts
Earth Day Party 2019 Snow Forts.png
Earth Day Party 2019
Water Party 2017 Snow Forts.png
Water Party 2017
Medieval Party 2017 Snow Forts.png
Medieval Party 2017
Music Jam 2017 Forest.png
Music Jam 2017
St. Patrick's Day Party 2017 Forest.png
St. Patrick's Day Party 2017
Island Adventure Party 2018 Forest.png
Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest
Festival of Flight Cove.png
Festival of Flight
Underwater Expedition Cove.png
Underwater Expedition
Festival of Fruit Cove.png
Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit
Ski Village
Medieval Party 2017 Ski Village.png
Medieval Party 2017
Summer Luau 2019 Ski Village.png
Summer Luau 2019
Penguin Games Ski Village.png
Penguin Games
Underwater Expedition Beach.png
Underwater Expedition
Medieval Party 2020 Beach.png
Medieval Party 2020
Music Jam 2018 Beach.png
Music Jam 2018
Dig Out the Island Dock.png
Dig Out the Island
Penguin Play Awards 2018 Dock.png
Penguin Play Awards 2018
Fashion Party Dock.png
Fashion Party


Icon Item Location
1st Anniversary Background Icon.png
1st Anniversary Background 1st Anniversary Layer
2nd Anniversary Background Icon.png
2nd Anniversary Background 2nd Anniversary Layer
3rd Anniversary Background Icon.png
3rd Anniversary Background 3rd Anniversary Layer
4th Anniversary Background Icon.png
4th Anniversary Background 4th Anniversary Layer
5th Anniversary Background Icon.png
5th Anniversary Background 5th Anniversary Layer
5th Anniversary Party Hat.png
5th Anniversary Party Hat Concert Layer
Accordion Leprechaun House
Aunt Arctic Awards Giveaway Icon.png
Aunt Arctic Awards Giveaway Aunt Arctic's Player Card
Cadence Background Icon.png
Cadence Background Cadence’s Player Card
Gary Ancient Giveaway Icon.png
Gary Ancient Giveaway Gary's Player Card
Heavy Hat.png
Heavy Hat Beach
Penguin Band Awards Giveaway Icon.png
Penguin Band Awards Giveaway Concert Layer (during performances)
Pink Iceberg Tipper.png
Pink Iceberg Tipper Iceberg (when tipped)
Rookie's Giveaway Icon.png
Rookie's Giveaway Rookie's Player Card


See page: 5th Anniversary Party Interface


The following stamps were also available to collect during this party:

Image Name Location
Cadence Stamp.png
Cadence Meeting Cadence
Gary stamp.png
Gary Meeting Gary
Aunt Arctic Stamp.png
Aunt Arctic Meeting Aunt Arctic
Rookie stamp.png
Rookie Meeting Rookie


Similar to the Music Jam 2021, Cadence and the Penguin Band occasionally appeared at the Concert Layer to perform a few of their songs.


  1. It's Your Birthday!
  2. Gonna Be Epic
  3. The Party Starts Now
  4. Cool in the Cold
  5. Perfect Day
  6. Ghosts Just Wanna Dance


All times are in Pacific Daylight Time (UTC−07:00). Showtimes were announced through the game's official Discord server. There were also random concerts as well.

Date Time
February 14, 2022 10:30am
February 15, 2022 11:00pm
February 16, 2022 9:30am


  • The sneak peek of the Town was notably different from the actual decorations, with the Puffle-O advertisement on the Gift Shop omitted.
  • Initially, the decorations in the Plaza were going to be used from phase one of Operation: Blackout. Instead, they were used from phase three.
  • It was the only anniversary party to be classified as a party, due to there being decorations all around the island.
  • Each layer of the anniversary cake represented the color pattern of a party hat from a previous Club Penguin Rewritten anniversary party. It started with the 1st Anniversary Party Hat on the bottom and ended with the 4th Anniversary Party Hat on top.
  • This anniversary party tied the Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Party for having the most meetable mascots visit during an anniversary party, with a total of four.
  • It was the only anniversary party to not have the party hat be located in the Book Room or Coffee Shop.
  • At the start of the party, trying to enter the Underground Pool would accidentally take you to the Concert Layer. This glitch was eventually fixed.
  • Unlike most anniversary parties, the Celebration Stamp was unavailable due to there being no candles to blow out on the cake.
  • The Cove was the only room with past party decor without a sign indicating which party the decorations were from.
  • The Navigator Bot at the Dojo could not be used due to a glitch.
  • It was the longest Anniversary Party in Club Penguin Rewritten, lasting a total of 13 days.


Sneak Peeks

Login Screen




Most of decorated rooms have a Navigator Bot, that when clicked open a dialog saying facts about that party. However, in the Plaza there was a robotic version of Gary, while in the Snow Forts there was a robotic version of Rookie. There were no Navigator Bots in the Coffee Shop and Town as well. The messages are as follows:

Room Party Description
Beach Underwater Expedition Oh, I know this one! Rookie accidentally started to sink the island when adding too many anvils to the Beach.
Classic move! We even had our snowballs sliding to the wrong side because of it!
Boiler Room N/A Huh, you're down here too?
Cove Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit The ultimate team vs team party! It was Team Pirate and Team Captain. Both teams had to run around the island to collect as many barrels as they could possibly find to score team points! By the end of the party, Team Pirate won with the most barrels found with over 21,000,000 points!
Dock Fashion Party How could we forget this one! This party reached a record of 3,800 penguins logged into the game!!
Penguins could submit their favorite outfit choices based on the theme choice, so many penguins submitted!
Dojo April Fools' Party 2019 Hmm... Strange, I'm unable to process this one. (not shown)[1]
Forest St. Patrick's Day Party 2017 So many penguins showed up in March to celebrate St. Patrick's Day of 2017. It was one of the most packed out parties at that time.
This was our third party during the time of 2017, how exciting it was.
Gift Shop Fashion Show Walk the runaway and pose, this is all about you and your style!
Or so I'm programmed to say! This one had was similar to the Fashion Party we visited at the Dock, however, only one room was decorated this year.
Ice Rink Medieval Party 2019 GADZOOKS! A dragon in the distance... Is what Gary taught me to say! This party was a dangerous one, for the penguins! After defeating Scorn, penguins thought it was all over, that was until the Dragon Queen came around. Luckily, they managed to defeat hear, or they tought...
Mine Shack Dig Out the Island This was the aftermath of all the snow that piled up during Operation: Blackout!
After this, the first ever Holiday Party started in 2017, so much joy happened during these times.
Night Club Festival of Flight And we're up!! This party was made by Gary the Gadget Guy during his maintance on the pool windows. He didn't want no trouble with the water causing some flooding, so this was the next best idea!
Plaza Operation: Blackout Operation: Blackout was an event for Herbert. He took over the island with no hesitation in mind. Once he took over, every little thing went dark, including some of us.
Luckily, some itelligent penguins put a stop to his terror and saved the island.
Ski Hill The Great Storm of 2020 *BZzzZZTT* I *BZZTt* AM NOT *BZzzZTT* MEANT FOR RAIN CONDITIONS
**Connection Terminated
Ski Lodge Penguin Games Penguins had two teams to chose from! Red VS Blue, which one were you?
With this party, leaderboards appeared over at the Ski Hill. So many penguins showed up to compete with one another. In the end, the blue team won with over 389,630 points.
Ski Village Summer Luau 2019 AH-HA! I remembered this one, too! This was a fun little event during the hot weather, it was a bunch of fun!
Many penguins requested this one to return and the party workers listened, that is what makes this one special!
Snow Forts Earth Day Party 2019 WOO-HOO!! The Earth Day party was SOOO FUN!! So many animals to choose from and support.
Who knew a rock wasn't an animal?! NOT ME! Sigh... My rock is one to me!


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