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The 5th Anniversary Party Interface was an interface that was introduced during the 5th Anniversary Party.


Icon Item Type Date added
Beta Grid Sweater.png
Beta Grid Sweater Body Item February 9, 2022
Enchanted Dragon Costume.png
Enchanted Dragon Costume February 10, 2022
Blue Hard Rock Guitar.png
Blue Hard Rock Guitar Hand Item February 12, 2022
Klutzy Disguise.png
Klutzy Disguise Body Item February 13, 2022
The Squid Lid.png
The Squid Lid Head Item
Funny-Face Glasses.png
Funny-Face Glasses Face Item February 15, 2022
Bandana Neck Item February 16, 2022
Canvas Cloud Shoes.png
Canvas Cloud Shoes Feet Item February 17, 2022


  • Despite being an interface, when loading it in-game it would be referred to as a catalog.
  • The Funny-Face Glasses were missing their left eyebrow on the interface.