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The Air Conditioner 3000 (aka AC 3000) is a powerful air conditioning invention created by Gary the Gadget Guy. Its original purpose was to help put Herbert into hibernation during the Mountain Expedition 2017 in February 2017. It returned in January 2018 to help the Lodge Attic stay cold enough for the snow to be stored that was left over from the Christmas Party 2017.


  • The AC 3000 appeared a lot smaller during its first appearance during the Mountain Expedition 2017.
  • The AC 3000 is the newer (and more advanced) version of the AC 1000.
  • Its power source is unknown as there were no wires or power plugs coming out of it when it was at the Ski Lodge.
  • The AC 3000 Pin is based on this invention.
  • The AC 3000 appears on a Card-Jitsu card as one of the starter power cards.


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