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Aunt Arctic is a famous news reporter and the Editor in Chief of the Club Penguin Times. She made her first in-game appearance on the island during the Beta Test Party.

Penguins are given a chance to submit content for the "Extras" section of the Club Penguin Times. If your submission is accepted, she will send you the You're a Published Penguin Postcard.

By meeting her, you can obtain a free background and a stamp.


She is known to be an organized and knowledgeable penguin who likes to help other penguins. She loves to get the scoop on news about parties and events on the island.


She started writing for the Club Penguin Times in May 2006.[1] She started out with answering questions for the Ask Aunt Arctic column. She was eventually promoted to the Editor of Chief for the newspaper. Since March 2017, she has been writing for the Club Penguin Times for Club Penguin Rewritten.

During Operation: Blackout, it was revealed she was captured and frozen by Herbert at Herbert HQ. She was later rescued and recovered. Upon her rescue, she revealed that she was The Director.

On February 20, 2018, she published the 50th issue of the Club Penguin Times, and attended the 50th Newspaper Event to celebrate the milestone.

Ask Aunt Arctic

Ask Aunt Arctic is Aunt Arctic's advice column located in the B section of the Club Penguin Times. The column answers many questions submitted by penguins with names crafted in relevancy to the question.


Aunt Arctic is a green penguin, and her regular outfit consists of:




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