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Bambadee is a stowaway that Rockhopper found on his ship. He wears a striped Friendship Bracelet which he made himself. He had snuck onto the Migrator because the penguins on Club Penguin Island were teasing him because they were jealous of his bracelet which he made himself.

His friendship bracelet was later released as a free item in the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway.


  • Rockhopper keeps one of Bambadee's bracelets in his Quarters.
  • He appears in the book A Penguin Christmas Carol, in the past of Scrooge, as a friend.
  • You can get Bambadee's bracelet (free item) located in the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway in the Book Room on the second floor of Coffee Shop.
  • To stop players from impersonating Bambadee, when you put on the Friendship Bracelet, it goes on your left flipper, but Bambadee wears it on his right flipper.
  • He is wrongly called "Bamabadee" on the last page of the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway.


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