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The Beach was a coastal area in the southwest corner of the island. As it was bordered by the sea, it was a popular place to relax. Located here was the Lighthouse, which not only served as a hangout, but helped guide ships, including the Migrator, owned by Captain Rockhopper, who frequently docked here.

Like any other beach, there was not much decoration. Near the Lighthouse, there was a pile of various objects, including crates, fishing nets, and one of many buoys. There was also a small dock for ships to land. In the center of the Beach, there were beach chairs and a small bucket that can be used to make a snow castle.

It was opened on February 21, 2017 in Flash, but was later closed on December 31, 2020 due to Flash ending support. It was reopened on January 21, 2021 in HTML5, but was later closed again on April 13, 2022 due to Club Penguin Rewritten shutting down.


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Cardboard Box
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Fruit Combo
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Treasure Chest
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Puffer Fish
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Toy Sailboat


  • If you hovered over the small bucket near the deckchairs, it would fill up with snow. After hovering over it a few times, the bucket would tip over and build a sandcastle. Hovering over the snow castle would destroy it, and the process would repeat.


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