The Beacon is the top floor of the Lighthouse, and serves, as the name implies, as a beacon to ships at sea, most notably the Migrator. Due to being so high up, it also serves as a great lookout point to see much of Club Penguin Rewritten. In addition to this, there is a telescope positioned on the railing, which allows penguins to view far off, to the sea.

While not much is located at the Beacon aside from the giant light, there is also a launch pad for penguins to play Jet Pack Adventure. The entire Beacon is surrounded by railing, with the addition of a set of stairs leading down to the Lighthouse on the left edge. The Beacon can be turned off by pulling the lever next to the giant light.


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Jolly Roger Flag
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  • Unlike most rooms in Club Penguin Rewritten, the Beacon is presented in its new, post-2011 style, as evidenced by the straighter lines.
    • However, several parties use the pre-2011 style.




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  • Archived files on this topic can be found here
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