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Bean Counters was a singleplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten that could be played by clicking on the java bean bag in the Coffee Shop. It was single player and had no stamps. It was planned to be ported to HTML5, but that never happened, as the game was shutdown on April 13, 2022 before it could happen.


In Bean Counters, the player had to move bags of java beans. They moved using the mouse and had three lives to start. The bags were thrown out of a truck on the right side of the screen, and had to be caught and moved to the platform on the left side of the screen. The player could hold up to five bean bags before collapsing and losing a life. Once the player placed the required amount of java bean bags on the platform, they would move on to the next level. Each level was faster, harder, and required more bags than the last. After completing level 5, the game would end and the player would receive a 60 coin bonus.

Starting from level two, obstacles would appear. If the player was hit by one of these obstacles, they wold lose a life. The first obstacle was an anvil, which always landed near the truck. After that came a fish, which landed by the platform, and finally flowerpots that fall in the middle. Among these obstacles was a star with a penguin's face on it, which gave the player an extra life.

Similar to Pizzatron 3000, if the player clicked on a seam in the bag on the title screen, they would unlock extreme mode. Extreme mode replaced the java beans with jellybeans, and required the player to only place certain colors of jellybean bags on the platform and throw the others back into the truck.


  • A bean counter was an accountant that does not like to spend money.
  • Extreme mode was more difficult than normal mode, but gave more coins.


  • Whenever you played the Extreme level, you would only be rewarded one coin at the end if you earned more than 900 points.
  • There used to be a glitch when the game would have a white screen, forcing you to reload the page and log back into the game. This glitch was patched.
  • There used to be a glitch where if you go to igloo while standing on Bean Counters you can exit the game with the points you have and every time you do you get infinite coins.