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Better Igloos Apr'18 was an edition of the Better Igloos catalog. It was released on April 26, 2018 and expired on May 16, 2018.


Room Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Small House Plant.png Small House Plant 200 Coin Icon.png Yes
Burgundy Couch.png Burgundy Couch 500 Coin Icon.png No
Burgundy Bookshelf.png Burgundy Bookshelf 450 Coin Icon.png
Burgundy Lamp.png Burgundy Lamp 100 Coin Icon.png
Burgundy Chair.png Burgundy Chair 300 Coin Icon.png
Garden.png Garden 200 Coin Icon.png
Picket Fence.png Picket Fence 100 Coin Icon.png
Bird Bath.png Bird Bath 480 Coin Icon.png Yes
Wheelbarrow.png Wheelbarrow No
Hedge Tree.png Hedge Tree 325 Coin Icon.png
Penguin Gnome.png Penguin Gnome 220 Coin Icon.png Yes
Poodle Plant.png Poodle Plant 430 Coin Icon.png
Fuzzy Blue Couch.png Fuzzy Blue Couch 500 Coin Icon.png
Fuzzy Green Couch.png Fuzzy Green Couch
Fuzzy Purple Couch.png Fuzzy Purple Couch

Wall Furniture

Icon Item Cost
Burgundy Curtains.png Burgundy Curtains 350 Coin Icon.png
Hanging Basket.png Hanging Basket 250 Coin Icon.png
Red Puffle Picture.png Red Puffle Picture 80 Coin Icon.png
Blue Puffle Picture.png Blue Puffle Picture
Pink Puffle Picture.png Pink Puffle Picture
Black Puffle Picture.png Black Puffle Picture
Purple Puffle Picture.png Purple Puffle Picture
Yellow Puffle Picture.png Yellow Puffle Picture
Brown Puffle Picture.png Brown Puffle Picture
Orange Puffle Picture.png Orange Puffle Picture
Green Puffle Picture.png Green Puffle Picture
White Puffle Picture.png White Puffle Picture