Better Igloos Dec'18 was an edition of the Better Igloos catalog. It was released on December 14, 2018 and expired on January 12, 2019.


Room Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Candy Cane.png
Candy Cane 300 Coin Icon.png Yes
Giant Candy Cane.png
Giant Candy Cane 100 Coin Icon.png No
Wooden Reindeer.png
Wooden Reindeer 450 Coin Icon.png Yes
Large Christmas Tree.png
Large Christmas Tree 700 Coin Icon.png No
Small Christmas Tree.png
Small Christmas Tree 400 Coin Icon.png No
Leaning Tree.png
Leaning Tree 250 Coin Icon.png Yes
Presents 400 Coin Icon.png No
Candle 120 Coin Icon.png Yes
Wrought Iron Lamp Post.png
Wrought Iron Lamp Post 600 Coin Icon.png No
Gingerbread Couch.png
Gingerbread Couch 400 Coin Icon.png Yes
Top Hat Snowman.png
Top Hat Snowman 300 Coin Icon.png No
Gingerbread Chair.png
Gingerbread Chair 350 Coin Icon.png Yes
Orange Scarf Snowman.png
Orange Scarf Snowman 300 Coin Icon.png No
Santa Hat Snowman.png
Santa Hat Snowman
Nutcracker 950 Coin Icon.png Yes

Wall Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Wood Stove.png
Wood Stove 900 Coin Icon.png Yes
Blue Bauble.png
Blue Bauble 50 Coin Icon.png No
Red Bauble.png
Red Bauble
Green Bauble.png
Green Bauble
Silver Bauble.png
Silver Bauble
Candycane Bauble.png
Candycane Bauble
Green and Red Bauble.png
Green and Red Bauble
Blue Spotty Bauble.png
Blue Spotty Bauble
Green Crosshatched Bauble.png
Green Crosshatched Bauble
Long Blue Bauble.png
Long Blue Bauble
Long Green Bauble.png
Long Green Bauble
Long Red Bauble.png
Long Red Bauble
Long Silver Bauble.png
Long Silver Bauble
Tinsel 120 Coin Icon.png
Christmas Wreath.png
Christmas Wreath 150 Coin Icon.png
Holiday Bells.png
Holiday Bells 100 Coin Icon.png Yes
Holiday Lights (furniture).png
Holiday Lights 30 Coin Icon.png No
Door Garland.png
Door Garland 750 Coin Icon.png Yes
Stocking 200 Coin Icon.png No
HD TV.png
HD TV 1000 Coin Icon.png Yes
Snowflake 50 Coin Icon.png


  • It is the first Better Igloos catalog to include custom furniture.
  • When the catalog was first released, it had the Better Igloos Nov'18 cover and contained no secret items. This was later fixed.


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