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Better Igloos Feb'20 was an edition of the Better Igloos catalog. It was released on February 6, 2020 and expired on March 12, 2020.


Floor Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Puffle Rug.png
Puffle Rug 200 Coin Icon.png Yes
Blue Gym Mat.png
Blue Gym Mat 100 Coin Icon.png
Green Oval Rug.png
Green Oval Rug 550 Coin Icon.png
Oval Rug.png
Oval Rug 400 Coin Icon.png No

Room Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Puffle Tubes.png
Puffle Tubes 100 Coin Icon.png Yes
Blue Puffle Bean Bag.png
Blue Puffle Bean Bag 450 Coin Icon.png No
Red Puffle Bean Bag.png
Red Puffle Bean Bag
Puffle Bean Bag.png
Puffle Bean Bag
Pink Puffle Bean Bag.png
Pink Puffle Bean Bag
Black Puffle Bean Bag.png
Black Puffle Bean Bag
Purple Puffle Bean Bag.png
Purple Puffle Bean Bag
Yellow Puffle Bean Bag.png
Yellow Puffle Bean Bag
Orange Puffle Bean Bag.png
Orange Puffle Bean Bag
White Puffle Bean Bag.png
White Puffle Bean Bag
Brown Puffle Bean Bag.png
Brown Puffle Bean Bag
Grey Puffle Bean Bag.png
Grey Puffle Bean Bag
Mop & Bucket.png
Mop & Bucket 50 Coin Icon.png Yes
Puffle Guard.png
Puffle Guard 150 Coin Icon.png No
Student Desk.png
Student Desk 650 Coin Icon.png
Recycle Bin.png
Recycle Bin 50 Coin Icon.png
Easel 180 Coin Icon.png Yes
Book Room Couch.PNG
Book Room Couch 600 Coin Icon.png No

Wall Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Grumpy Lantern.png
Grumpy Lantern 175 Coin Icon.png No
Cheeky Lantern.png
Cheeky Lantern
Laughing Lantern.png
Laughing Lantern
Happy Lantern.png
Happy Lantern
Snappy Shark.png
Snappy Shark 250 Coin Icon.png Yes
Pink Puffle Poster.png
Pink Puffle Poster 75 Coin Icon.png No
Black Puffle Poster.png
Black Puffle Poster
Green Puffle Poster.png
Green Puffle Poster
White Puffle Poster.png
White Puffle Poster
Purple Puffle Poster.png
Purple Puffle Poster
Yellow Puffle Poster.png
Yellow Puffle Poster
Orange Puffle Poster.png
Orange Puffle Poster
Blue Puffle Poster.png
Blue Puffle Poster
Red Puffle Poster.png
Red Puffle Poster
Brown Puffle Poster.png
Brown Puffle Poster
Grey Puffle Poster.png
Grey Puffle Poster
Mullet Fish.png
Mullet Fish 600 Coin Icon.png
Scroll-down Map.png
Scroll-down Map 150 Coin Icon.png Yes