Better Igloos May'20 is an edition of the Better Igloos catalog. It was released on May 7, 2020 and expired on June 12, 2020.


Floor Furniture

Icon Item Cost
Band Stage.png
Band Stage 800 Coin Icon.png
Dance Floor.png
Dance Floor 500 Coin Icon.png
Dance Mat.png
Dance Mat 135 Coin Icon.png

Room Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
CD Rack.png
CD Rack 150 Coin Icon.png Yes
DJ Table.png
DJ Table 800 Coin Icon.png No
Drum Kit.png
Drum Kit 760 Coin Icon.png Yes
Jukebox 775 Coin Icon.png No
Groovy Jukebox.png
Groovy Jukebox Yes
Vintage Jukebox.png
Vintage Jukebox
Fun Jukebox.png
Fun Jukebox
Warm Jukebox.png
Warm Jukebox
Speaker 150 Coin Icon.png No
Microphone 200 Coin Icon.png Yes
Party Fountain.png
Party Fountain 450 Coin Icon.png No
Guitar Amp.png
Guitar Amp 600 Coin Icon.png Yes
Guitar Stand1.png
Guitar Stand 300 Coin Icon.png
Red Balloon 15 Coin Icon.png No
Orange Balloon (Furniture).png
Orange Balloon
Yellow Balloon
Green Balloon
Blue Balloon.png
Blue Balloon
Purple Balloon.png
Purple Balloon
Pink Balloon.png
Pink Balloon
Piano 900 Coin Icon.png No
Piano Bench.png
Piano Bench 200 Coin Icon.png
Musician's Chair.png
Musician's Chair 50 Coin Icon.png
Green Screen.png
Green Screen 500 Coin Icon.png
Sound Station.png
Sound Station 600 Coin Icon.png
Busking Case.png
Busking Case 220 Coin Icon.png
Single Flare.png
Single Flare 150 Coin Icon.png Yes

Wall Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Party Banner.png
Party Banner 50 Coin Icon.png No
Country Record.png
Country Record 200 Coin Icon.png Yes
Classical Record.png
Classical Record
Rock N' Roll Record.png
Rock N' Roll Record
Laser Lights.png
Laser Lights 145 Coin Icon.png No
Confetti Blaster.png
Confetti Blaster 50 Coin Icon.png Yes
Musical Motif.png
Musical Motif 225 Coin Icon.png


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