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Better Igloos Nov'18 was an edition of the Better Igloos catalog. It was released on November 8, 2018 and expired on December 14, 2018.


Room Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Ninja Gate.png
Ninja Gate 700 Coin Icon.png No
Training Dummy.png
Training Dummy 500 Coin Icon.png Yes
Paper Screen.png
Paper Screen 475 Coin Icon.png No
Bonsai Tree.png
Bonsai Tree 350 Coin Icon.png
Ninja Cauldron.png
Ninja Cauldron 150 Coin Icon.png Yes
Bamboo Stalks.png
Bamboo Stalks 175 Coin Icon.png No
Noodle Stand.png
Noodle Stand 300 Coin Icon.png
Red Coffee Table.png
Red Coffee Table
Shiny Red Fridge.png
Shiny Red Fridge 700 Coin Icon.png Yes
Red Bookcase.png
Red Bookcase 450 Coin Icon.png No
Red Couch.png
Red Couch 500 Coin Icon.png
Red Plush Chair.png
Red Plush Chair 300 Coin Icon.png
Red Bean Bag Chair.png
Red Beanbag Chair 350 Coin Icon.png

Wall Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Green Paper Lantern.png
Green Paper Lantern 30 Coin Icon.png No
Blue Paper Lantern.png
Blue Paper Lantern
Red Paper Lantern.png
Red Paper Lantern
Yellow Paper Lantern.png
Yellow Paper Lantern
Purple Paper Lantern.png
Purple Paper Lantern
Wall Clock.png
Wall Clock 450 Coin Icon.png Yes
HD TV.png
HD TV 1000 Coin Icon.png
Fireplace 900 Coin Icon.png
Moose Head.png
Moose Head 2000 Coin Icon.png