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The Blackout Quest Interface was an interface during Operation: Blackout. Seven items were able to be collected. Six are free and one cost 500 coins. There were six different tabs, each with a different task to progress through Herbert's Fortress.


Icon Item Type Tab Date Cost
Herbert Disguise.png
Herbert Disguise Body Item 1 November 15, 2017 500 Coin Icon.png
Klutzy Disguise.png
Klutzy Disguise Free
Grappling Hook.png
Grappling Hook Hand Item 2 November 17, 2017
Plasma Laser.png
Plasma Laser Neck Item 3 November 18, 2017
Deflection Vest.png
Deflection Vest Body Item 4 November 20, 2017
Smoke Goggles.png
Smoke Goggles Face Item 5 November 22, 2017
Anti Lava Boots.png
Anti Lava Boots Feet Item 6 November 24, 2017