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Burnt Out Bulbs was the second Paint By Letters book. This book could be found in the Book Room. Each page of the book except the last one had a hidden coin somewhere in it. Finding a coin would give you 40 extra coins, plus 300 if you found them all, at the end of the book.


At night, you and your buddies are playing hockey at the Ice Rink. The lights burn out, and you go to various locations such as the Lighthouse and the Lodge Attic in an attempt to find some new light bulbs.

Hidden Coins Locations

  • Page 1: Slide the puck to the left with your mouse. Keep moving it and it will return with a coin.
  • Page 2: Move your mouse to the top-left corner and a coin will appear.
  • Page 3: Drag the top of the piano up and you will see a coin.
  • Page 4: Pull the rightmost feather under the cuckoo clock. Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo will jump out with a coin. If you don't grab the coin in time, you can pull the feather to try again.
  • Page 5: Throw the floor to the right. Move the next floor to the left, then move the next one up, and move the last one down. The floor should be black and you will see a coin in the bottom-right corner.
  • Page 6
    • DJ - Click the dance floor tiles to make their color match the top six tiles of the Pop Art Painting on the wall. You must match the background colors, not the puffle colors. The painting will open to reveal a coin.
    • Viking - Drag the handle of the fireplace to the right to open it. Light the wood with a Wall Torch, and then close the furnace. The Mullet will cough out a coin.
    • Alien - Drag the globs from the lava lamp into the three lanterns. The alien will take off his hair to reveal a coin.
  • Page 7
    • DJ - Throw the middle circle into the air, and you will see a coin stuck to the bottom of it.
    • Viking - Spin the puffle above the orange penguin. It will go down and reveal a coin.
    • Alien - Drag any of the flying saucers to the object it came out of. A coin will slide out.

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