The Captain's Quarters is a room inside of the Migrator, a pirate ship owned by Captain Rockhopper. This room is where Rockhopper makes maps, counts his loot, plans treasure hunts, and along with Yarr, sleeps. In order to gain access, players need Rockhopper's Key Pin.

Like the Ship Hold, various things are stored here, although much less in comparison. Some of the objects are dear to Rockhopper, such as the Friendship Bracelet he received from Bambadee, and the camera he received from Aunt Arctic. On the wall, there is a Notice Board, which always has notes and pictures of things Rockhopper wants to do on his current visit.

The room is decked out with treasure, which is in a pile next to Rockhopper's desk, in the upper right corner of the room. In the lower left corner, there is a drawer with a mirror. The upper left corner has the door leading out, with two palm trees on either side.


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