Card-Jitsu Cards come in 3 main types: Snow, Fire, and Water. These cards are used to play Card-Jitsu, an advanced form of rock, paper, scissors.

New cards were first available on June 2, 2018, to celebrate two million registered accounts for Club Penguin Rewritten. A code, 'CARDDECK', gives penguins four regular cards and a power card.

Card Rules

  • Fire Fire.png beats Snow Snow.png.
  • Snow Snow.png beats Water Water.png.
  • Water Water.png beats Fire Fire.png.
  • If same element, highest number wins.
  • If same element and same number, it is a tie.
  • You have to get different color of each element or three different colors of the same element to win the game.
  • Power Cards have special effects.

Power Cards

Power Cards are a type of Card-Jitsu card. They are supposed to give the other player negative effects (with the exception of Power Reversal), however the effects are currently do not work. It was confirmed by Thorn that he attempted to get them working but was unsuccessful[citation needed]. They have a card value from 9 to 12.

List of negative effects

Icon Name Effect
CJ Power Reversal.png
Power Reversal If the cards tie, the one with the lower number wins.
CJ Discard Red Card.png
Discard Red Discard an opponent's scored red card
CJ Discard Red Cards.png
Discard All Red Discard all of an opponent's scored red cards
CJ Discard Orange Card.png
Discard Orange Discard an opponent's scored orange card
CJ Discard Orange Cards.png
Discard All Orange Discard all of an opponent's scored orange cards
CJ Discard Yellow Card.png
Discard Yellow Discard an opponent's scored yellow card
CJ Discard Yellow Cards.png
Discard All Yellow Discard all of an opponent's scored yellow cards
CJ Discard Green Card.png
Discard Green Discard an opponent's scored green card
CJ Discard Green Cards.png
Discard All Green Discard all of an opponent's scored green cards
CJ Discard Blue Card.png
Discard Blue Discard an opponent's scored blue card
CJ Discard Blue Cards.png
Discard All Blue Discard all of an opponent's scored blue cards
CJ Discard Purple Card.png
Discard Purple Discard an opponent's scored purple card
CJ Discard Purple Cards.png
Discard All Purple Discard all of an opponent's scored purple cards
+2 Plus 2 to the number on your next card
-2 Minus 2 to the number on your opponent's next card
CJ Discard Fire.png
Discard Fire Discard an opponent's scored Fire card
CJ Discard Water.png
Discard Water Discard an opponent's scored Water card
CJ Discard Snow.png
Discard Snow Discard an opponent's scored Snow card
CJ Block Fire.png
Block Fire Your opponent can not play a Fire card next round
CJ Block Water.png
Block Water Your opponent can not play a Water card next round
CJ Block Snow.png
Block Snow Your opponent can not play a Snow card next round
CJ Change Fire to Snow.png
Change Fire to Snow Fire cards act like Snow cards for this round
CJ Change Water to Fire.png
Change Water to Fire Water cards act like Fire cards for this round
CJ Change Snow to Water.png
Change Snow to Water Snow cards act like Water cards for this round

List of Cards

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