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Card-Jitsu Fire was a multiplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten, accessible from the Fire Dojo. It was released on December 6, 2018. It was a sequel to the original Card-Jitsu.

It was closed on December 31, 2020 due to Flash ending support. It was planned to release in HTML5, but never happened due to the game shutting down on April 13, 2022 before it launched.[1]


All players started with 6 energy points. In your turn, you needed to click one of the 6 inner stones which were facing down. Clicking one of the stones would flip all 6 stones, each revealing a number from 1 to 6. However, the number marked on the inner stones was random. The number selected determined how many spaces you need to move, whether left or right. After choosing the number, two of the outer tiles would glow yellow. You would have to choose one of them.

Tiles either marked a fire, water or snow element. If you landed on a fire element, all players would have to play a card with the fire element. The same applied when landing on a water or snow element. If you won, you would neither gain nor lose an energy point. However, if you lost, you would lose one energy point. If none of your cards matched the required element for the battle, you were allowed to play any card. But this meant you would lose one energy point, regardless of the card you choose.

The two tiles at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions of the playing area marked all three elements at once. If you landed on either of these, you got to choose the element that all players had to play. The two space at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions were marked with two cards faced down. If you landed on either o these, you would have to play an original Card-Jitsu match with a player of your choice. Fire beat snow, snow beat water and water beat fire. If two cards were of the same element, the card with the highest value won. These rules applied to the Card-Jitsu battle. Power card effects did not work in the Card-Jitsu battle.

Another way of playing the Card-Jitsu battle was by landing on a tile being occupied by a player. You would have to play with that player. If you landed on a tile being occupied by 2 or 3 players, you had to choose which player to play against. If you won a Card-Jitsu battle, you would gain one energy point. If you lost, you would lose one energy point.

The main objective was to be the last player to have at least one energy point. Obtaining 1st place gave you 5 progression points to being a fire ninja. Obtaining 2nd place gave you 2 progression points. Obtaining 3rd, 4th, or quitting the game did not give you any progression points. Each suit piece required 100 progression points.


In the game, the player earned parts of a Fire Suit, unlike in Card-Jitsu, where the player would earn belts.

Once the player earned all four parts of the Fire Suit, they would be able to challenge Sensei. Defeating Sensei would earn the player the Fire Gem for their Amulet.



Image Name Description
Warm up stamp.png Warm Up Win 10 Fire matches
Score fire stamp.png Score Fire Win 1 energy point in a match


Image Name Description
Fire midway stamp.png Fire Midway Earn the coat. Finish 50% of your Fire Ninja journey


Image Name Description
Strong Defence stamp.png Strong Defence Win a match without losing any energy
Fire Suit stamp.png Fire Suit Finish your Fire Suit
Fire Ninja stamp.png Fire Ninja Defeat Sensei and become a Fire Ninja


Image Name Description
Max Energy Stamp ingame.png Max Energy Win 3 energy points in a match
Fire Expert stamp.png Fire Expert Win 50 matches


  • The entrance to the Fire Dojo was accidentally released on January 24, 2018, however, you needed the amulet to enter. It was quickly removed.
  • As the Halloween Party 2018 started, the volcano where the Fire Dojo was situated had been emitting orange smoke, this was thought to be another teaser towards this.
  • On November 8, 2018, the sky around Club Penguin Island turned orange and construction started for the Fire Dojo.
  • Sensei's Fire Scavenger Hunt began on November 9, 2018, with the prize being the Fire Pin.
  • On July 17, 2019, an update was released to fix several issues players had been experiencing with the game.


  • If multiple people played a power card of the same level, they would sometimes lose an energy point despite playing the highest card.
  • If both players in a duel played a card of the same element and level, they would both lose energy despite it being a draw.
  • The game could sometimes give the same player a second turn before switching to the next player for their turn.

  • At the beginning, if two players played their cards at roughly the same time both cards the game would sometimes be frozen with the only possible action to leave the game resulting in no progress. Once any player's energy count reached four, it became possible for the timer to end without either the computer or player choosing a card leaving the only possible choice to leave with no progression. It also became possible for the timer to end and a blank number tile to face upward causing it to freeze once more.
  • The other action that can occur allows the potential for progression points, one suit piece, or multiple suit pieces. After a successful battle, a second battle without any further user action may occur. In this scenario, if it is the same element as the tile it should be played as normal as it will not fail. On the next turn when the opposite player chooses a number tile, if the first player hops, the player who has control of the current turn has two options: If they click on one of the resulting element tiles, it will freeze once more resulting in no progression points. If they let the timer lapse, it will award one or multiple suit pieces to all players. If this situation occurs, it is visible through that the number tiles will generally disappear. If the opposite player hops while a battle is initiated, the current turn player should let the time lapse(This is the most likely scenario to award one or multiple pieces), while the alternate player chooses a card. If both players choose a card in this scenario, it will freeze resulting in no pieces. If both players let the time lapse, it generally will award progression points.
  • If it is an alternate element, then one player should choose an element, whilst the other lets the time lapse as the computer will either choose continuing the match or choose then freeze but potentially give progression points. If both players choose a card in this situation it will freeze awarding no progression points. If it is a standard Card-Jitsu battle where fire beats snow, snow beats water and water beats fire: The prompt appears, one chooses, the time lapses it can continue or it will freeze with no progression points. If both players choose, it will freeze resulting in no progression points. If 3 or more players are playing, leaving can result in a variety of effects with the most general being freezing the game for the resulting players.
  • If none of these situations occur, once at two, one, zero, or negative energy it will generally freeze by default resulting in no suit pieces or progression points. However, if player(s) energy count reaches 0 it may result in progression points. If a normal win or loss does occur, it will still award some progression points. A win or loss by a error does not result in progression points.
  • Challenging Sensei could soft-lock the game if he chose the bottom left tile. This could be prevented but was dependent on luck.
  • From December 6, 2018 to January 18, 2019, the Warm Up Stamp and the Fire Expert Stamp couldn't be obtained.

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