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Cart Surfer was a singleplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten that could be played in the Mine.

The main objective of the game was the performance of various tricks and stunts to earn points (similar to Catchin' Waves) while riding a mine cart on a track. When players finished the game, they would return to the Mine.

On January 24, 2018, the game was given a redesign with a new hardcore mode and a leaderboard added to the game.

On February 8, 2019, the font for the text in-game was changed. The hardcore mode also received its own unique music.

On March 6, 2022, WASD controls were added to the game.


The goal of Cart Surfer was to earn as many points as possible in a certain amount of time by doing tricks in a mine cart. All of the different tricks gave a varying amount of points, ranging from 10 points from turning and 100 points from performing a flip. Doing the same trick two or more times in a row would halve the amount of points earned and the points would will stay like that until a different trick was performed.

In Classic Mode, the player had 3 lives and the game would end when all lives are lost or when the end of the tunnel is reached. They could also bring a black puffle along, which could of helped you recover from a wobble. Points were lost either by not turning at a corner or surf turning or cart grinding for too long.

In Hardcore Mode, the player had only 1 life. The goal was to do as many points as possible until the player crashed, which ended the game immediately. Unlike Classic Mode, the coin reward was the player's score divided by 20 rather than 10.


To perform tricks, you would press the connected keys to perform the specific trick. You were not supposed to press both keys simultaneously; do it one by one.

No. Name Method Points
N/A Jump* space 0
#1 Surf Jump then space 20
#2 Turn 10
#4 Surf Turn then **
#5 then
#6 Cart Grind then
#7 then
#8 Spin space then 80
#9 space then
#10 Leap space then 50
#11 Cart Slam space then 30
#12 Flip then space 100
#13 Handstand then 80
#14 Run on Tracks then

No. Name Method Points
N/A Jump* space 0
#1 Surf Jump W then space 20
#2 Turn A 10
#3 D
#4 Surf Turn W then A **
#5 W then D
#6 Cart Grind S then A
#7 S then D
#8 Spin space then A 80
#9 space then D
#10 Leap space then W 50
#11 Cart Slam space then S 30
#12 Flip S then space 100
#13 Handstand W then W 80
#14 Run on Tracks S then S

* - Didn't count as a trick (gives no points).

** - Based on how much time you spended doing the trick.



Image Name Description
GreatBalanceStampIcon.png Great Balance Recover from a wobble


Image Name Description
CartProStampIcon.png Cart Pro Earn 150 coins in classic mode
Mine Marvel Stamp.png Mine Marvel Perform 10 tricks in the cart
MineMissionStampIcon.png Mine Mission Perform 10 tricks out of the cart
TrickMasterStampIcon.png Trick Master Perform 14 different tricks
PufflePowerStampIcon.png Puffle Power Recover from a wobble with a puffle
5kstamp.png Surfing Pro Earn 5,000 points in Hardcore Mode


Image Name Description
CartExpertStampIcon.png Cart Expert Earn 250 coins in classic mode
MineGrindStampIcon.png Mine Grind Grind around 8 corners
Surf's Up Stamp.png Surf's Up Surf around 8 corners
FlipManiaStampIcon.png Flip Mania Flip 20 times in a row without crashing
UltimateDuoStampIcon.png Ultimate Duo Perform 20 tricks with your puffle
10kstamp.png Minecart Master Earn 10,000 points in Hardcore Mode


Image Name Description
CartMasterStampIcon.png Cart Master Earn 350 coins in classic mode
15kstamp.png Hardcore Hero Earn 15,000 points in Hardcore Mode


Image Name Description
25kstamp.png Unbeatable Earn 25,000 points in Hardcore Mode


  • The game had 16 stamps: one easy, six medium, six hard, two extreme and one insanity.
  • There was a glitch where the player could earn over 6000 coins in Cart Surfer in a few seconds. This was patched.
  • If you're were ranked number one on the leaderboard, you would get a postcard and a pin.
  • The music for hardcore mode was made by Screenhog.


The sound it made when you turn.

The sound it made when you jump.