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Catchin' Waves was a singleplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten about surfing located at the Cove.

In this game, the player would move their cursor up and down to go fast and do tricks to get coins. In order to perform tricks, the player would press the Arrow or WASD keys, individually or simultaneously.

This game contained a Game Upgrades catalog, and the Flame Surfboard, Daisy Surfboard, and Silver Surfboard could be brought and used in here. If a Red Puffle was brought, it could surf alongside the player and earn extra coins.

Game Modes

Catchin' Waves featured four different game modes.

  • Surf Lesson: The player would learn how to surf. This serves the purpose of being a tutorial in case you don't know how to play, and it awards the Graduate Stamp upon completing all of the instructions and finishing the wave alive.
  • Freestyle: The player could surf freely and do whatever they want.
  • Competition: Follow the judges instructions to make them happy. You would get three tasks (do a certain trick, do lots of flips, have perfect balance, etc.) that would appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This lasted for three rounds, with different objectives each time.
  • Survival: The hardest mode. The player would have to survive a very long time on a dangerously fast wave. This mode featured exclusive obstacles, like icebergs and a shark. 500 coins were awarded to the player who could complete it.

Tricks and Moves

Tricks could be done with the keyboard; WASD or Arrow Keys. If one key was pressed, it would award the player 10 points. If two keys were pressed, it awarded 20 points. Different types of tricks, such as grinds, flips, spins, and shooting the tube could be performed with varying amounts of points.

Action Alternative Action Action Performed
W Wave
S Lie Down
A Handstand
D Dance
and S and D The Blender
and D and W Surf Fever
and W and A Ice Breaker
and A and D Coastal Kick
and S and W Lazy Wave
and S and A Backstand
Holding the mouse button after jumping into the air N/A Grinds
Circle the mouse cursor clockwise while in mid-air Forward Flips
Circle the mouse cursor anti-clockwise while in mid-air Backward Flips
Perform any trick mid-air Spins
Going close to the curl of the wave without falling in Shooting the Tube



Image Name Description
First Trick stamp.png First Trick Master your first trick on the board
Pufflesurfinstamp.png Puffle Surfin' Take your red puffle for a surf lesson
Easy Flip Stamp.png Easy Flip Perform 1 flip
Easy Tube Stamp.png Easy Tube Hit 100 point combo while shooting the tube
Easy Grind stamp.png Easy Grind Hit 100 point combo while grinding the wave
Graduate stamp.png Graduate Finish the surf lesson
Easy Spin Stamp.png Easy Spin Perform a 3 spin jump


Image Name Description
Trick Star Stamp.png Trick Star Master 13 different tricks in a surf
Podium puffle stamp.png Podium Puffle Finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place with your puffle
Flip Star.png Flip Star Jump and flip 3 times
Easy Jump Stamp.png Easy Jump Jump the height of 8 penguins
Super tube stamp.png Super Tube Hit 1000 point combo while shooting the tube
Super spin stamp.png Super Spin Perform a 7 spin jump
Super grind stamp.png Super Grind Hit 700 point combo while grinding the wave


Image Name Description
Max grind stamp.png Max Grind Hit 1200 point combo while grinding the wave
First place stamp.png First Place Win first place in a competition
Max Flips stamp.png Max Flips Flip 10 times
High jump stamp.png High Jump Jump the height of 20 penguins
Max tube stamp.png Max Tube Hit 5000 point combo while shooting the tube
Max spin stamp.png Max Spin Do a 10 spin jump


Image Name Description
Shark! stamp.png Shark! Spot the shark
Survivor stamp.png Survivor Complete Survival Mode