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The Christmas Party 2017 was a party on Club Penguin Rewritten that began on December 20, 2017 and ended on January 3, 2018.

Almost every room on the island was decorated, including the damaged EPF Command Room and the HQ. The extra snow of the party came from Operation: Blackout, which the aftermath caused the whole island to become covered in snow, eventually leading into the Christmas Party after Dig Out the Island was complete.

Rockhopper was present to start the tradition of Coins for Change. Players could donate coins for certain causes to determine what percentage of real money the staff would donate to real life charities. This depended on the amount of coins donated to causes. The Penguin Band attended to promote the Concert for Change at the Lighthouse. Sensei also logged on to enjoy the holiday season.[1]

The Advent Calendar 2017 ran alongside this party, which could be found at the Forest and started a week before this party.

The New Year's Day 2018 event took place during the party's last week to celebrate the new year.


For items obtainable exclusively from the Advent Calendar, see here.

Icon Item Location
Band Autograph Icon.png
Band Autograph Meeting the Penguin Band
Bell Plaza
Reindeer Antlers.png
Reindeer Antlers Ski Village
Rockhopper's Holiday Aurora Giveaway Icon.png
Rockhopper's Christmas Giveaway Meeting Rockhopper
Santa's Present Bag.png
Santa's Present Bag Santa's Sled
Sensei's Autograph Icon.png
Sensei's Autograph Meeting Sensei


The following stamps were also available to collect during this party:

Image Name Location
Rockhopper Stamp.png
Rockhopper Meeting Rockhopper
Franky Stamp.png
Franky Meeting Franky
G Billy Stamp.png
G Billy Meeting G Billy
Petey K Stamp.png
Petey K Meeting Petey K
Stompin' Bob Stamp.png
Stompin' Bob Meeting Stompin' Bob
Sensei Stamp.png
Sensei Meeting Sensei
Tree Mob Stamp.png
Tree Mob Everywhere


  • Before the official announcement, Joee confirmed it would be called the "Christmas Party".[2]
  • Aunt Arctic could be seen next to Rockhopper on the party's first login screen. This was theorised to be a hint that she would also appear during the party; but this was untrue according to Joee.
  • Coins for Change 2017 was cancelled on December 10, 2017, however it was brought back on December 12, 2017.
  • During the party, the pathway to the Mine Shack from the Forest was blocked along with the Hidden Lake tunnel.
    • Despite this, the path from the Mine Shack to the Forest and the Hidden Lake to the Forest were not blocked.
    • In addition, you couldn't get from the Underground Pool to the Plaza.
  • Sled Racing was going to be updated with a Christmas theme during the party, however it was scrapped.[4]
  • It was the first party to cross between years, being 2017's last party and 2018's first one.


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