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The Christmas Party 2018 Catalog was a catalog during the Christmas Party 2018. It contained 9 items.


Head Items

Image Item Cost
The Hornament Hat.png
The Hornament Hat 300 Coin Icon.png
Reindeer Handler Hat.png
Reindeer Handler Hat 250 Coin Icon.png
The Present.png
The Present 350 Coin Icon.png

Neck Item

Image Item Cost
Sleigh Bells.png
Sleigh Bells 300 Coin Icon.png

Body Items

Image Item Cost
Festive Sweater.png
Festive Sweater 400 Coin Icon.png
Reindeer Handler Uniform.png
Reindeer Handler Uniform 400 Coin Icon.png
Penguin Stuffie Costume.png
Penguin Stuffie Costume 400 Coin Icon.png

Hand Item

Image Item Cost
Blue Puffle Stuffie.png
Blue Puffle Stuffie 150 Coin Icon.png

Feet Item

Image Item Cost
Reindeer Handler Boots.png
Reindeer Handler Boots 250 Coin Icon.png


  • All together the items cost 2800 coins.