The Cliff was a party room in Club Penguin Rewritten. It made an appearance at the Wilderness Expedition.

Once penguins had found their way through the wilderness, they arrived at the Cliff. Then, they had to complete a certain puzzle in order to lift up a barrel to take them down to Shore.


Below are the instructions on how to complete the puzzle:

  1. Place the plug in the socket.
  2. Click on the coffee beans to turn it into coffee.
  3. Click on the machine to pour the coffee into the coffee jug.
  4. Click the coffee jug to pour the coffee into the machine.
  5. Click the green button of the machine.
  6. Click all the levers and buttons of the second machine.
  7. Click all the green notes on the piano.
  8. Throw snowballs in order to stop the fire caused by the piano.
  9. Click all the green notes on the piano again.
  10. When the gramophone starts playing, Click the green button on the third machine to lift the telephone upwards so it can hear the music.
  11. Below the machine, click all of the six green buttons and the two levers.
  12. Afterwards, steer the wheel.
  13. Pull down the hot sauce using the red lever.
  14. Click on the hot sauce to let out sauce into the machine.
  15. As the machine warms up, insert the water from the beaker into the machine.
  16. Click the vent of the machine to let out fumes.
  17. Click the toaster to send out metal onto the magnet.
  18. Finally, throw snowballs at the target until the barrel lifts up to you. You can then get into the barrel and down to shore.

Note: You'll only have to do this full puzzle once. If you visit it again after completing the puzzle, then you can click the red button to the left in-order to pull out the target to throw snowballs at to send the barrel lift up. But you can still complete the full puzzle as many times as you wish.


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