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Welcome to the Club Penguin Rewritten Wiki's main policy page. Here you can find all our rules to pertain to the wiki. It is important that everyone follows these policies before doing anything on the wiki.

Last modified: May 22, 2021


  1. All users must be 13 and above in order to edit the wiki. This is to ensure the safety of underage users. This not only applies to our policies, but Fandom's policies as well.
  2. No swearing or inappropriate language. This includes abbreviated swearing. If your username has a swear, you will be blocked.
  3. No bullying, harassment, or being rude to other users.
  4. No plagiarism at all. Always make sure to rewrite things in your own words if they are coming from somewhere else. This also applies to images from other sources, such as other wikis.
  5. No vandalism. This includes inserting false information, gibberish, and removing content.
  6. No spamming or flooding comments and discussion posts.
  7. No unofficial articles. This includes creating pages about yourself, armies, individual penguins, fanmade things, unofficial events, and other unrelated things to Club Penguin Rewritten. Only official things get articles.
  8. No abusing multiple accounts/sockpuppeting. This includes making an alternate to get around a block, having an unauthorized bot, or having multiple alternate accounts. Having one alternate account for a backup is fine.
  9. No discussing how you got banned. This is not the place for that. If you feel like you were banned unfairly, email them at or send them a DM on the @CPRSupport Twitter.
  10. No leaking things that haven't been released yet. If you found something that's supposed to come out at a later date, don't post it here.
  11. No revealing personal information about other people, or yourself. This includes your face, full name, school name, etc.
  12. No advertising. This includes other CPPS (Pengur is allowed), armies, websites, etc.
  13. No creating blank articles. If an article is incomplete, add the appropriate template to indicate this.
  14. If you make any fanmade stuff, you must disclose that it is fanmade. If not, people might get confused and think it's real, leading to some problems.
  15. No editing other people's userpages without their permission. The only exception being is if their userpage breaks any of the rules here.
  16. No talking about or posting links to cheats. Please play the game fairly.
  17. Assume good faith. A lot of users when they start off editing are not good editors and that's okay. If someone makes a bad edit and it's not on purpose, kindly tell them what they did wrong and show them how to improve. Don't be rude to them just because they had a bad edit. Not everyone who is making a bad edit is doing it maliciously. Remember this does not apply to vandalism.
  18. No impersonating wiki staff or Club Penguin Rewritten staff members. This includes current and former members.
  19. No adding speculation to articles. This wiki is supposed to be factual, not speculative.

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