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A coin.

Coins are a virtual currency in Club Penguin Rewritten that can be earned by playing games and Codes. Coins can be used to buy clothes, igloos, puffles and so on.

Earning coins

You receive 500 coins when you create a penguin. You can earn coins by playing games, mining at the Cave Mine, or using codes. Codes expire after a set amount of time so make sure to check this list often!


  • The front of the coin features Fluffy the Fish and a number 1, indicating how much it's worth.
  • There is a coin emoticon that can be accessed by pressing E+M.
  • There used to be a glitch where the player could earn coins in the Cave Mine without mining by walking around the room, allowing players to amass large amounts of money very quickly. This has been patched.
    • There used to also be a glitch where the player could earn over 6,000 coins in Cart Surfer. This has been patched.
    • There used to be a another glitch where the player could earn infinite coins in Aqua Grabber. This has been patched. Players who took advantage of this glitch would have their accounts banned for 72 hours or forever.
  • The maximum amount of coins a player can have is 100,000,000.
    • The previous limit was 16,777,215. This was because each player's coins were stored within 3 bytes (224 values, counting 0). For example, if Club Penguin Rewritten was to use 4 bytes, the coin limit would have been of 4,294,967,296 (232 values). It is worth mentioning that is the maximum amount of coins the server can store, which means you could not login and have more than that, but if you get to that point you could continue to get coins indefinitely until you leave the game.
  • Players can be awarded coins by earning Penguin of the Week, or by getting featured in Reviewed by You.