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The Concert Hall is a party room in Club Penguin Rewritten that was accessible during the Music Jam 2019 and the Soccer Mommy Concert. Every twenty minutes during Music Jam 2019, Cadence and a group of penguins would perform "The Party Starts Now" for a short time.


  • If you are on the stage when the performance starts you will be moved to another part of the room.
  • During Music Jam 2019, Stu can be seen as a dancer along with Stu Jr.
  • In the original Club Penguin the Penguin Band performed alongside Cadence.
    • This room was also called Epic Show in the original Club Penguin.
  • A glitch occurred following the release of the Better Igloos Jul'20 and Igloo Upgrades Jul'20 catalogs on July 9, 2020. If a penguin walked to the edge on the left of the Iceberg, they would be brought to the Concert Hall. Exiting the concert hall at the bottom would teleport the player back to the Snow Forts.[1]
    • This bug was fixed the next day.


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