The Crow's Nest is the highest point on the Migrator. It serves as a lookout point for Rockhopper and Yarr, as well as a host for the Snow Cannon 3000 — which is the main means of defense for the ship.

It is quite sparse and contains simply the Snow Cannon, some ammunition, and a large jolly roger flag in the center. There is railing surrounding the entirety of the Crow's Nest, and there is a series of shrouds which serve as a ladder of sorts lying between the nest and deck.


  • Yarr can often be seen in this room when the Migrator is docked.
  • Hovering above the cannon will cause it to fire.
    • Similarly, hovering over the jolly roger flag will cause it to wave in the wind.
  • The Crow's Nest should have a tour guide message, but a typo in the local crumbs file prevents it from appearing.



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