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Dance Contest was a single-player or two-player game in Club Penguin Rewritten. It was located in the Night Club by the poster on the wall.

The game was very similar to Dance Dance Revolution in that in both games arrow keys move upward into colored markers. The player would press an arrow key right when it's in the marker. The player could either get a perfect, great, good, almost, boo or miss depending on how accurately the player hits the arrow key.

Additionally, Purple Puffles could be included and could help the player earn extra points.

On June 22, 2018, the game was revamped to include stamps, a new track and the removal of multiplayer mode due to it being unplayable. On January 3, 2019, the multiplayer mode was added back in.



  • Easy - "Starting out!"
  • Medium - "Getting the hang of it."
  • Hard - "In the groove."
  • Expert - "Bustin' moves!" (Was acessible by clicking on Cadence in singleplayer mode.)


  • The Generic Way
  • Penguin Band Boogie
  • The Party Starts Now (Added on June 22, 2018)
  • Patrick's Jig
  • Go West
  • Let's Bounce!
  • Epic Win!



Image Name Description
Bust A Move stamp.png Bust A Move Get a combo of 50
Starting Out stamp.png Starting Out Dance to one song
Star Puffle stamp.png Star Puffle Bring your puffle to the dance floor


Image Name Description
Disco Throwdown stamp.png Disco Throwdown Dance to Three Songs in a Row


Image Name Description
Raise the Roof stamp.png Raise the Roof Get a combo of 100
A Perfect Run stamp.png A Perfect Run Get an A on Medium Difficulty
Dancing Machine stamp.png Dancing Machine Dance to Five Songs in a Row


Image Name Description
Don't Stop Movin' stamp.png Don't Stop Movin' Get an A on Hard Difficulty


Image Name Description
Pure Ice! stamp.png Pure Ice! Get an A on Extreme Difficulty


  • New tracks were supposed to be released on June 28, 2018, but were cancelled due to technical issues with implementing them.[1]
  • A few days before multiplayer released with the Dance-A-Thon event an earlier version was uploaded by Hagrid to find issues with the mode before the full release.
  • It was the only game in Club Penguin Rewritten to have all custom stamps.


The sound the audience made when you finished a song






Song Data