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The Dock is a shore in Club Penguin Rewritten, located on the southwestern side of the island. A fairly open space, the main attraction of the Dock is a speedboat, where players can play the game Hydro-Hopper.

It has a Game Upgrades catalog, where players can buy new boards to use in Hydro Hopper.

On January 2, 2020, the Dock's design was updated, making it the second room in Club Penguin Rewritten to get a redesign after the Pizza Parlor.


The new design of the Dock first appeared during New Year's Day 2020, and was officially released once the event ended on January 2, 2020.

The Game Upgrades catalog for Hydro-Hopper was moved to the side of the Dock. The Everyday Phoning Facility, the Lighthouse and the Town are now visible in the background and more arrow signs have been put up.

The new design initially did not include trees in the background, but included the trees in an update during the release of the redesign due to requests from players.


Icon Pin
Starfish Pin.png
Pumpkin Pin.png
Lily Pin.png
White Puffle Pin.png
White Puffle Pin
Beach Day Pin.png
Beach Day Pin
Magnifying Glass Pin.png
Magnifying Glass
Power Fragment Pin.png
Power Fragment


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