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The Dragon Queen was a villain at the Medieval Party 2019 and also the Medieval Party 2020. Her existence was confirmed in Issue #116 of the Club Penguin Times by Gary the Gadget Guy after reading a book which stated she would make a "surprise attack" happen before making her appearance known, hence the mysterious tremors leading up to the Medieval Party. In Issue #117 of the Club Penguin Times it was suggested that she may be more dangerous than Scorn the Dragon King.[1]

During the Medieval Party 2020, players were transported back to the medieval era and had to face the Dragon Queen and Scorn once more to prevent the island from heading into disaster.


  • Her in-game art was created by Screenhog.[citation needed]
  • The pre-login screen and concept art of the dragon was made by Rainbert.
    • Originally, Rainbert was also going to create her in-game art. However, he ran into some last-minute scheduling conflicts, and was replaced by Screenhog. This was the main reason why the Medieval Party 2019 was delayed.[3]
  • She originally didn't follow the player during the boss fight.[4]
  • She had an unused attack where she would slam her two fists into the ground according to Screenhog's sketches.
  • Stu was originally going to voice her, but didn't because of Joee believing that she did not need a voice.[5]
  • According to Rainbert, her species is called Poodlepoof.[6]
  • She was supposed to be in the King and Queen Background, but she was removed because she looked out of place.