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Electromagnets were devices that act as magnets when electricity runs through them. In Club Penguin Rewritten, three types were known, all designed by Gary the Gadget Guy, and only used in secret missions.


Scetches of the Electromagnet 1000.

Electromagnet 1000

Blueprints of the Electromagnet 1000 appeared in the form of an award, given to players upon completing mission 6 of the PSA, and returning to Gary his stolen blueprints of the Electromagnet 3000 from Herbert's Lair. The actual invention, whether invented or not, has never been seen in Club Penguin Rewritten.

Electromagnet 2000

The Electromagnet 2000.

In the HQ during secret missions, an Invention Cabinet was located next to the entrance to the Gadget Room. One of the inventions stored there was the Electromagnet 2000. In mission 7 the player used it to retrieve the missing spring of the Clock Tower.


  • Battery
  • Rubber band
  • Wire
  • Magnet

The wire was tied around the magnet. The battery was on top of the magnet, being connected by a rubber band.

The Electromagnet 3000.

Electromagnet 3000

The Electromagnet 3000 (referred to as Magnet 3000 in mission 10) was first seen in the Case of the Missing Coins, where Herbert operates it at the Gift Shop Rooftop. He used it to pull all the coins in the coins Vault to the ceiling, and the agents then need to destroy the electromagnet to release the coins.

In mission 6, blueprints of the invention could be seen in Herbert's Lair, and the player could return them to Gary in the end of the mission to win an award. In the end of mission 3, after the player told Gary about the destroyed electromagnet, Gary says that it seemed familiar to him because he'd been working on a similar invention but its blueprints had been missing for some time.

In Waddle Squad, the same electromagnet was used to trap Herbert. The agents deployed it at the Gift Shop, and used its powerful magnetic range to pull a trap at the nearby Night Club towards the wall while Herbert stood between them, in order to capture him.


  • Huge magnet
  • "Powa Box"
  • Long wire
  • Pipe

The long wire was tied onto the huge magnet and the two ends of the wire were connected to the Power Box. The pipe was stuck to the right side of the magnet. In Waddle Squad, a solar panel power unit was attached to power the electromagnet, instead of using the Powa Box.


  • The Electromagnet 1000 originally included a battery, but its blueprints were replaced with a version only containing a magnet. Despite being called an electromagnet, its new version did not seem to contain any electric parts for creating or amplifying its magnetic field, and therefore it was not an actual electromagnet.
  • In the Mission "Case of the Missing Coins", after the player put the paper clip in the "Powa Box", the sign would get destroyed except for the letters "ow".