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Emoticons or emotes are faces and symbols that can be used to express how penguins feel, similar to emojis. They appear in speech bubbles above the player head, similar to the chat function, and some will also make a noise. Some emoticons are temporary, and are only available during specific parties or events while others are permanent.

Emoticons can be accessed by clicking on the "Emote Menu" or by pressing E, followed by its responding button on the keyboard, which are listed below.

List of Emotes

Available Emotes

Emoticons that are currently available.

Image Description Code
Laugh Emoticon.png
Laughing Face E+1
Happy emoticon.png
Happy Face E+2
Straight Face Emoticon.png
Indifferent Face E+3
Sad Emoticon.png
Sad Face E+4
Surprised Emoticon.png
Surprised Face E+5
Raspberry Face Emoticon.png
Poking Out Tongue Face E+6
Wink Emoticon.png
Winking Face E+7
Sick Face E+8
Mad Face E+9
Moody Emoticon.png
Upset Face E+0
Ice Cream emoticon.png
Strawberry Ice Cream Cone E+Q
Chocolate Ice Cream Emoticon.png
Chocolate Ice Cream Cone E+W
Music Note Emoticon.png
Toot E+T
Hmm Emoticon.png
Meh Face E+U
Igloo Emoticon.png
Igloo E+I
Popcorn Emoticon.png
Popcorn E+O
Blue Puffle Emoticon.png
Blue Puffle E+P
Day Emoticon.png
Sun E+D
Flower Emote.png
Flower E+F
Game Emoticon.png
Video Game Controller E+G
Heart Emoticon.gif

Heart Emoticon.png
Heart E+H
Cake E+K
Screenshot 1147.png
Shamrock E+L
Pizza Emote.png
Pizza E+Z
Coffee Cup Emoticon.png
Coffee E+C
Lightbulb Emoticon.png
Light Bulb E+B
Night Emoticon.png
Moon and Stars E+N
Coin E+M
Question Mark Emoticon.png
Question Mark Shift+/
Exclamation Point Emoticon.png
Exclamation Point Shift+1
Waddle On Party Waving emoticon.gif
Waving None

Temporary Emotes

Emoticons that were only available during certain parties.

Image Description Party
Pirate Emote.png
Pirate Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest
Clown Emote.png
Clown The Fair 2019
Cheering Emote.png
Cheering The Fair 2019, Soccer Mommy Concert
Coins for Change Emote.png
Coins for Change Holiday Party 2019
Present Emote.png
Santa Hat Penguin Emote.png
Santa Hat Penguin
Yellow Heart Emote.gif
Yellow Heart Soccer Mommy Concert
Cheering Emote 2.gif

(Music Jam 2020 only)
Cheering Emote 2 Soccer Mommy Concert, Music Jam 2020
Red Heart Emote.gif
Red Heart Music Jam 2020
Clapping Emote Aqua.gif
Clapping Emote Arctic Blue.gif
Clapping Emote Arctic White.gif
Clapping Emote Black.gif
Clapping Emote Blue.gif
Clapping Emote Brown.gif
Clapping Emote Dark Green.gif
Clapping Emote Dark Purple.gif
Clapping Emote Green.gif
Clapping Emote Lavender.gif
Clapping Emote Light Blue.gif
Clapping Emote Lime Green.gif
Clapping Emote Orange.gif
Clapping Emote Peach.gif
Clapping Emote Pink.gif
Clapping Emote Red.gif
Clapping Emote Yellow.gif
Smiling Face with Hearts.png
Smiling Face with Hearts
Amazed Eyes.png
Amazed Eyes
Musical Notes.gif
Musical Notes
Vampire Emote.png
Vampire Halloween Party 2020
Ghost Emote.png

Unavailable Emotes

Emoticons that were removed or were never available and have only been seen around Club Penguin Island.

Image Description Notes
Blue Emote.png
Blue Mouthless Face Only seen in the Server List and the old Buddy List.
Mouthless Emote.png
Mouthless Face Only seen in the Buddy List.
Star Emote.png
Star Only seen in the Buddy List, Sled Racing, Card-Jitsu loading screen, Card-Jitsu Fire loading screen, Dance Contest multiplayer, and the Membership Badge.
Skull Emoticon.png
Skull Only seen in the Ignore List.
Modern Laugh Emote.png
Updated Laughing Face Only seen in the old Rules.
Modern Videogame Controller.png
Updated Video Game Controller Only seen in the Rules.
Life Preserver Emote.png
Life Preserver Ring
Speech Bubble Emote.png
Speech Bubbles
Gray Surprised Emote.png
Gray Surprised Face Only seen in Night of the Living Sled 1.
A Silly Place King Emoticon.png
King Only seen in A Silly Place.
A Silly Place Tounge Emoticon.png
Meh Tongue Face
Silly Emote Cookie.png
Silly Cookie Only seen on the cookie plate during the Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Party.
Cheering Emote 2 Ocean Blue.gif
Cheering Emote 2 (Ocean Blue) Only seen in the interface.swf during the Music Jam 2020 due to a bug.
Clapping Emote Ocean Blue.gif
Clapping (Ocean Blue) Only seen in the interface.swf during the Music Jam 2020 due to a bug.


The sound the toot emoticon makes when used.