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The Everyday Phoning Facility is a building in Club Penguin Rewritten, located at the Ski Village. It serves as a cover for both the Elite Penguin Force and the Penguin Secret Agency.

There is a single phone booth along the back wall of the room, along with a security camera. A moving silhouette of a fan can be seen spanning the floor of the room. There are four pillars along each side of the wall, all of which open to reveal something integral for the test.

If an EPF Agent enters the room, the right pillar will open. If a PSA Agent enters the room, the left pillar will open. If an agent of both the EPF and the PSA enters the room, both pillars will open.

The Test

Main article: Elite Penguin Force

The Test can only be started after receiving an EPF Invite in the mail and clicking "Go There!". It can be acquired by getting it from postcard a player would send you. Or, before the 1st Anniversary Party from the 2009-2010 Yearbook in the Book Room. This is no longer possible because the new yearbook was released, taking place of the original ones.

Once you receive a postcard, a target will appear when you walk into the Everyday Phoning Facility. After clicking the phone at the back of the room, the Test starts with you hitting the target at the top right corner of the room with a snowball. Doing so will begin the test. The screen at the top will then tell you to go to the green square, at the bottom right corner. You will then need to run to a red square at the bottom left corner. You will be timed for this.

After running to the red square, you will need to hide from both camera one, and camera two. Getting in front of either of the two front pillars will hide from camera one, and throwing a snowball at camera two will disable it, making you pass this part of the test.

Next it will tell you to go to a blue square at the top right part of the room. When you do, a cage trap will close you in. To escape, you throw a snowball at the electricity panel on the bottom right. Doing so disables the cage trap. This part of the test can also be passed by simply not walking into the cage trap at all. At the end, it will add up your scores in the three challenges. No matter what score you get, after completing the test a door at the top right of the room will open taking you to the EPF Command Room and giving you the EPF Phone.


  • The abbreviation for "Everyday Phoning Facility" is EPF, which also stands for Elite Penguin Force, referencing the fact it is a cover for the EPF.
  • From December 6, 2017 up to February 20, 2019, the only segment you needed to do was the Aim section of the test, once that was completed, the screen would try to prepare the test, however it would say "ERROR", and let you become an EPF agent without doing the other segments.
  • There was a glitch where while the facility was broken, you could still do the full test if you received an invitation postcard from another penguin.



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