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The Festival of Flight was a party on Club Penguin Rewritten that lasted from August 16, 2017 to August 23, 2017. A sneak peek was posted to the Club Penguin Rewritten blog[1] and it was officially confirmed by Zeus on August 3, 2017.[2]


Gary the Gadget Guy wanted to "do maintenance on the windows" of the Underground pool. However, he did not want the risk of maintenance causing a flood underground so he endorsed the idea to "lift Club Penguin out of the water".[3]

Gary explained that he could achieve lifting Club Penguin out of the water by using various inventions such as "...jet-packs, balloons filled with a special lifting gas known as 'super-helium' propellers, and hot air balloons".[4]

Jet Pack Guy assisted by flying around the island to make sure "nothing goes wrong".[5]


Icon Item Location
Green Propeller Cap.png
Green Propeller Cap Plaza
Jet Pack icon.png
Jet Pack Tallest Mountain
Jetpackguy background icon.png
Jet Pack Guy Background Jet Pack Guy's Player Card


The following stamp was also available to collect during this party:

Image Name Location
Jet Pack Guy Stamp.png
Jet Pack Guy Meeting Jet Pack Guy


  • The Forest paths to the Hidden Lake and the Mine Shack were closed off during this party.
  • This party was Jet Pack Guy's first appearance as a mascot.
  • There was a bug in which the Jet Pack cost 350 coins, it has now been patched.
  • Hydro-Hopper is the only game that shows that you need to go down a tube in order to play.
  • This was the only party that the Beacon was accessible from the Beach.


Sneak Peeks






Archive.png Festival of Flight Archives

  • Archived files on this topic can be found here



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