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The Fire Booster Deck is an award in Club Penguin Rewritten. It can be obtained by talking to Sensei in the Fire Dojo. There are 10 cards in the deck. One of them is a power card.


Location Available from Available until
Fire Dojo December 6, 2018 Still available


Normal Cards

Name Image Element Color Value
Pizza Parlor
Pizza Parlor card image.png
Fire.png 4
Coffee Machine
Coffee Machine card image.png
Fire.png 5
Astro Barrier
ASTRO BARRIER card image.png
Fire.png 8
Beach Chair Chilling
Beach Chair Chilling card image.png
Water.png 3
Beacon card image.png
Water.png 5
Iceberg card image.png
Water.png 8
Snowball Fight
Snowball Fight card image.png
Snow.png 3
Snowball Fight
SNOWBALL FIGHT card image.png
Snow.png 6
Dojo Courtyard
Dojo Courtyard card image.png
Snow.png 8

Power Cards

Name Image Element Color Value Effect
Dojo Sketch
Dojo Sketch card image.png
Fire.png 10
CJ Block Snow.png
Cloud Wave
Cloud Wave card image.png
Fire.png 12
CJ Discard Green Cards.png


  • The Fire Booster Deck will only hold 1 of the 2 power cards.


Amulet Fire Booster Deck Flame Sandals