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Flags are items available in every catalog in the Gift Shop in Club Penguin Rewritten. They are similar to Pins as they are located in the same place that pins are on the Player Card. Flags cost 20 coins each to buy in the Penguin Style catalog.

List of Flags

Icon Item
Argentina Flag.png
Argentina Flag
Australia Flag.png
Australia Flag
Austria Flag.png
Austria Flag
Belgium Flag.png
Belgium Flag
Belize Flag.png
Belize Flag
Brazil Flag.png
Brazil Flag
Canada Flag.png
Canada Flag
Chile Flag.png
Chile Flag
China Flag.png
China Flag
Colombia Flag.png
Colombia Flag
Costa Rica Flag.png
Costa Rica Flag
Denmark Flag.png
Denmark Flag
Dominican Republic Flag.png
Dominican Republic Flag
Ecuador Flag.png
Ecuador Flag
Egypt Flag.png
Egypt Flag
Estonia Flag.png
Estonia Flag
Finland Flag.png
Finland Flag
France Flag.png
France Flag
Germany Flag.png
Germany Flag
Guatemala Flag.png
Guatemala Flag
Haiti Flag.png
Haiti Flag
Hungary Flag.png
Hungary Flag
India Flag.png
India Flag
Ireland Flag.png
Ireland Flag
Israel Flag.png
Israel Flag
Italy Flag.png
Italy Flag
Jamaica Flag.png
Jamaica Flag
Japan Flag.png
Japan Flag
Korea Flag.png
Korea Flag
Liechtenstein Flag.png
Liechtenstein Flag
Malaysia Flag.png
Malaysia Flag
Mexico Flag.png
Mexico Flag
Netherlands Flag.png
Netherlands Flag
New Zealand Flag.png
New Zealand Flag
Norway Flag.png
Norway Flag
Peru Flag.png
Peru Flag
Philippines Flag.png
Philippines Flag
Poland flag.png
Poland Flag
Portugal Flag.png
Portugal Flag
Puerto Rico Flag.png
Puerto Rico Flag
Russia flag.png
Russia Flag
Singapore flag.png
Singapore Flag
South Africa Flag.png
South Africa Flag
Spain Flag.png
Spain Flag
Sweden Flag.png
Sweden Flag
Switzerland Flag.png
Switzerland Flag
Turkey Flag.png
Turkey Flag
United Kingdom Flag.png
United Kingdom Flag
Uruguay Flag.png
Uruguay Flag
United States Flag.png
USA Flag
Venezuela Flag.png
Venezuela Flag


  • There are 51 flags available to buy.
  • Flags are worn on player cards in the same place Pins are worn.
  • Flags are some of the cheapest items in the game.
  • Flags are available in every Penguin Style catalog.
  • Flags are the oldest items to still be on sale, since they fist appeared on the Penguin Style in February 2017.