Flooring are items used to cover an igloo's floor. They can be found in the Igloo Upgrades catalog and cannot be saved.

List of Flooring

Icon Item Cost
Bamboo Floor.png
Bamboo Floor 370 Coin ico.png
Black & White Tile.png
Black & White Tile 510 Coin ico.png
Black Carpet.png
Black Carpet 530 Coin ico.png
Blue Carpet.png
Blue Carpet
Blue Diamond Linoleum 540 Coin ico.png
Burgundy Carpet.png
Burgundy Carpet 530 Coin ico.png
Cherry Hardwood.png
Cherry Hardwood 620 Coin ico.png
Cobblestone 1200 Coin ico.png
Dance Floor (Flooring).png
Dance Floor 1000 Coin ico.png
Dark Stone Tile.png
Dark Stone Tile 800 Coin ico.png
Dirt & Leaves.png
Dirt & Leaves Floor 400 Coin ico.png
Green Carpet.png
Green Carpet 530 Coin ico.png
Lime Green Carpet.png
Lime Green Carpet
Maple Hardwood.png
Maple Hardwood 620 Coin ico.png
Phony Lawn.png
Phony-Lawn 700 Coin ico.png
Pink Carpet.png
Pink Carpet 530 Coin ico.png
Sand Floor.png
Sand Floor 400 Coin ico.png
Snowy Floor.png
Snowy Floor
Sunny Sky Floor.png
Sunny Sky Floor 530 Coin ico.png
Terracotta Tile.png
Terracotta Tile 680 Coin ico.png
Whirlpool 750 Coin ico.png
Woven Rice Mat.png
Woven Rice Mat


  • Flooring can be removed for 20 coins.
  • It was confirmed in Devcast that they want flooring to be saved to the inventory.[1]


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