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Fluffy the Fish (also known as Yellow Fish) are small yellow fish who are also recurring characters that appear in gamesmissionsrooms, and even on the main currency, the coins, throughout Club Penguin Rewritten.


Ice Fishing

Image Name Description
SnackAttackStampIcon.png Snack Attack Feed a fish to a shark
FishtasticStampIcon.png Fishtastic Catch 15 fish without any mistakes
Fishing Frenzy Stamp.png Fishing Frenzy Catch 10 fish in Time Trials mode
AfishionadoStampIcon.png Afishionado Catch 45 fish without any mistakes
FlyFisherStampIcon.png Fly Fisher Catch 63 fish in under 5 minutes
Trial Master Stamp.png Trial Master Catch 20 fish in Time Trials mode

Aqua Grabber

Image Name Description
Get Fluffy stamp .png Get Fluffy Catch the yellow fish and return to your net
MulletCapture.png Mullet Capture Capture the large red fish and return to the net


  • A frozen prehistoric Fluffy with fangs could be found at the Ice Cave.


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