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The HD TV, an example of a Furniture Item.

Furniture items were objects in Club Penguin Rewritten that could be placed in igloos by the owner of the Igloo. They could either be bought from catalogs in the game, unlocked using special codes, or become available as prizes during special events.

The most common way of obtaining furniture items was purchasing them through the Better Igloos catalog.

Furniture items had four different types, floor furniture, room furniture, wall furniture and pet furniture.

Types of furniture

Floor Furniture

Furniture that could only be placed on the floor such as carpets, mats and rugs.

Room Furniture

Furniture that could only be placed on the ground such as chairs, couches, and tables.

Wall Furniture

Furniture that could only be placed on walls such as decorations, paintings and posters.

Pet Furniture

Furniture that only puffles could interact with.

Arrow key changes

Most furniture items could be changed using the arrow keys, which was done by clicking an item in an igloo and clicking up/down/left/right. The most common arrow key change, which was possible with nearly any furniture item, was the rotation/inversion change - commonly performed with the left/right arrow keys, which rotated the item or changed the direction it faced.

Another type of arrow key change, which was commonly done using the up/down keys, but was less common among furniture items, changed the look or the shape of the furniture item, and was different for each item with this option. For instance, pressing up/down while selecting the HD TV turns on the TV or changes the channels.

ID system

Every furniture item in Club Penguin Rewritten had its own identification number or ID. Most items used the same ID from Club Penguin, however custom items have custom IDs.

Custom ID List

ID Item
2390 Ice Holiday Tree
2391 Small Ice Christmas Tree
2392 Ice Holiday Lights
2393 Ice Wreath
2394 Ice Candy Cane
2395 Blue Icicle Lights
2399 Tinsel
2400 Blue Bauble
2401 Red Bauble
2402 Green Bauble
2403 Silver Bauble
2404 Candycane Bauble
2405 Green and Red Bauble
2406 Blue Spotty Bauble
2407 Green Crosshatched Bauble
2408 Long Blue Bauble
2409 Long Red Bauble
2410 Long Green Bauble
2411 Long Silver Bauble (formerly)
Black Couch
2412 Black Plush Chair
2413 Black Table
2414 Black Bookcase
2415 Black Lamp
2416 White Couch
2417 White Plush Chair
2418 White Table
2419 White Bookcase
2420 White Lamp
2421 Green Lamp
2422 Green Table
2423 Black Puffle House
2424 Black Bed
2426 Blue Pastel Banner
2427 Pink Pastel Banner
2428 Purple Pastel Banner
2429 Wizard Gnome
2430 Bumper Obstacles
2431 Big Show Curtains
2432 Blue Corner Booth
2433 Blue Straight Booth Seat
2434 White Formal Table
2435 Blue Lights
2436 Green Lights
2437 Indigo Lights
2438 Orange Lights
2439 Red Lights
2440 Violet Lights
2441 Yellow Lights
2442 String Lights
2500 Long Silver Bauble
24009 Spooky Scary Skeleton
24010 Illuminous Ghost
24011 Pink Holiday Tree
24012 Silver Holiday Tree
24013 Festive Rug
24014 Blue Puffle Bean Bag
24015 Brown Puffle Bean Bag
24016 Grey Puffle Bean Bag
24017 Orange Puffle Bean Bag
24018 Pink Puffle Bean Bag
24019 Purple Puffle Bean Bag
24020 Red Puffle Bean Bag
24021 Yellow Puffle Bean Bag
24022 White Puffle Bean Bag
24023 Orange Puffle Poster
24024 Brown Puffle Poster
24025 Grey Puffle Poster
24026 Black Puffle Bean Bag
24027 Blue Pastel Curtain
24028 Pastel Bench
24029 Pastel Bookcase
24030 Pastel Deck Chair
24031 Pastel Drawers
24032 Pastel Fence
24033 Giant Play Award Statue
24034 Red and Gold Carpet
24035 Red Curtain
24036 Fun Jukebox
24037 Groovy Jukebox
24038 Vintage Jukebox
24039 Warm Jukebox
24040 Orange Balloon
24041 Purple Balloon
24042 Obsidian Throne
25000 Froggy Chair
25001 Big Bear


  • As of Operation: Blackout, occasionally after leaving Edit mode of your igloo, an orange error notification would pop up, saying "Unable to connect." After reloading, your last save ended up being reverted and also caused a few items to be in wrong areas. This glitch was not fixed.

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