The Gold Puffle is an unreleased puffle in Club Penguin Rewritten. It was originally going to be in-game, but it was scrapped. 


  • It's from 2013 Club Penguin, but it was redesigned to give it a more classic feel.
    • It also has a custom ID of 75000.
  • Hagrid had tweeted a few pictures of his penguin walking a golden puffle.
  • On March 25, 2017, the official Club Penguin Rewritten Twitter account made a question poll that asked "Should we add a golden puffle to the game?". 63% voted 'yes' and 37% voted 'no'.[1]
  • A blue puffle is mistaken for a gold puffle in the last story of Penguin Tales: Volume 1 since it is covered in gold paint.
  • A golden puffle statue is featured in PSA Mission 10: Waddle Squad.
  • In a tweet posted by Hagrid, the puffle can be seen with eyes the same color as the outline of the puffle, but the puffle in-game has black eyes.[3]
  • When it was hacked into the game, it was shown that it reused the orange puffle's puffle card.[4] This is because it was still early in development.
    • It also reuses the red puffle's animations for playing, eating and cleaning. However, it had its own sleeping animation.
  • Unlike other puffles, the penguin is walking the puffle without a leash on the Player Card.
  • When the Medieval Party 2019 and Medieval Party 2020 were first released, the gold puffle from Club Penguin could be seen in the Lighthouse. It was later removed shortly after.







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