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Grand Puffy is the guardian of the Soda Seas in the game Aqua Grabber. There are two inflated pufferfish that move around him clockwise. He uses a sucking ability that will suck everything around him to his mouth (with the exception of the pufferfish near him). He then deflates, expelling the water he had previously sucked up, which creates a pushing force around him that will push your sub. This then repeats.


Image Name Description
SodaSuccess.png Soda Success Complete Soda Seas levels
SodaMaster.png Soda Master Complete Soda Seas without losing a life
Soda Compress Stamp Icon 85.png Soda Compress Complete the Soda Seas in compressed air mode
SodaPressure.png Soda Pressure Master the Soda Seas in compressed air mode without losing a life
Soda Timer Stamp Icon 89.png Soda Timer Complete the Soda Seas time trial


  • Once you get the amethyst, the pufferfish around him will have disappeared.
  • There are anemones on his left, that are sucked and pushed by the Grand Puffy.