The Grey Puffle is a species of puffle in Club Penguin Rewritten. After being teased several times it was revealed in Issue #103 of the Club Penguin Times that they would be released alongside the Puffle Party 2019 on April 26, 2019.

It is currently unknown how, but at one point grey puffles were cursed to turn to stone. Grey puffles were trapped as statues for many years, and eventually freed and returned to normal when the sakura trees began to bloom.

They are set to receive a new redesign to more closely fit in with the games art style. Sneak peaks of this were posted by Thorn in the games official Discord server and by Stu on the What's New Blog.


The Grey Puffle is necessary for completing one stamp in Serene Springs.

Image Name Description
Serenity Stamp.png Serenity 20 Penguins walking their Grey Puffles in the Serene Springs

Notable Grey Puffles



  • They are the only custom puffle in Club Penguin Rewritten.
  • They are the only puffle with eyebrows.
  • They are able to turn themselves into stone, and sometimes vanish in a cloud of smoke.
  • Grey puffles can be seen hidden in Rory's Giveaway, behind one of the boxes; and in PH's Puffle Party Giveaway on the unseen southern part of the background.
  • The concept art for the grey puffle was designed by Rainbert.
    • Earlier concept art for the puffle was designed by Hagrid.[1]
  • One was shown in the fan-art section of the Club Penguin Times issue #73.
  • A grey puffle shadow was seen on the 2nd Anniversary Cake.
  • From Earth Day Party 2018 to Earth Day Party 2019, the left puffle statue at the Dojo Courtyard was seen shaking. From Earth Day Party 2019 to May 2, 2019, every 30 minutes the statue will shake, turn into the grey puffle, and then vanish away. From May 2, 2019 onward, the statue is gone.
  • They were first revealed in issue #103 of the Club Penguin Times that grey puffles were once cursed and turned into stone.
  • Its training dummy is loosely based on the Sandbag from the Super Smash Bros. series.[2]
    • Their attacks on the training dummy are also based off of moves from the Smash games, such as the spinning cane attack being inspired by Link's B-Up.
    • The animation when a grey puffle eats a cookie references Sonic's Spindash in Sonic CD.
    • The animation of when the grey puffle dances is vaguely based of Stu Jr's dance animation.
  • They were originally going to have a slightly different tongue color and the training dummy was going resembles a walrus and a polar bear, but was changed to resemble Octi.[3]
    • The bathing animation was also originally just going to be the grey puffle bathing in a square bathtub with a paper screen behind them, but was changed to incorporate the gardening aspect of the puffle.
    • Their angry animation also originally had the grey puffle hissing, but was changed to it reading a newspaper instead.[4]
  • Unlike other puffles, they cannot be used in Puffle Launch or Pufflescape.
  • They do not have a post card for when running away, instead sending you a strange blank post card titled "Undefined" that cannot be deleted from your mail.


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