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The HQ was the hub for Penguin Secret Agency activity, including surveillance and mission planning. It is based near the Everyday Phoning Facility with a secret entrance.

In the mission The Veggie Villain, the HQ was destroyed by the infamous Herbert P. Bear — who utilized a popcorn bomb to bring about the ruin of the PSA. The Elite Penguin Force later helped the PSA with restoration efforts, enabling them to fully regain their headquarters. How the EPF accomplished this is currently unknown.

By November 2017, the HQ suffered severe damage by the solar laser attack from Herbert P. Bear. The site has now been rebuilt.


Features of the HQ include:

  • The Island Surveillance Emergency Equipment Unit (I.S.E.E.U.) - which provides agents live and recorded footage of rooms on the island.
  • A Gadget Room (accessible in top secret PSA Missions).
  • The F.I.S.H. (Factual Informative Spy Handbook) - which provides important information for agents and agent gear available for purchase.
  • A coffee maker.
  • A water cooler.
  • A whiteboard.
  • Storage for various important items (such as keys to locked rooms).
  • A secure set of doors to access and exit the headquarters.


  • Oddly enough, the door on the left shows a curtain in the Sport Shop, but this is because the HQ used to be located there. The door is currently located in the Everyday Phoning Facility; it's the same with the wardrobe on the right with the Command Room, — which leads to the new EPF Command Room.
  • Clicking a monitor on the I.S.E.E.U. teleports you to that very room.
    • There is one exception to this, being the Sports Shop. Due to not being around in Club Penguin Rewritten, it is impossible to access.
  • The HQ was the first room in Club Penguin Rewritten to return after being removed from the original Club Penguin.




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  • Archived files on this topic can be found here
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