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The Halloween Candy Hunt 2017 was an event in Club Penguin Rewritten. It took place from October 25, 2017 to November 5, 2017, as part of the Halloween Party 2017.

Players started the hunt by finding a Pumpkin Basket in the Haunted House, before traversing the whole island in search of various candies.

Completing it gave you the Halloween Scarf as a reward.

Candy locations

No. Candy Location Clue
Halloween Candy Hunt Taffy.png
In the right Coffee Shop window in the Town A popular place where people meet, look up high to find this treat.
Halloween Candy Hunt Caramel.png
In the bottom middle left chair in the Lighthouse This room may be a little scary... The treat is near other confectionery.
Halloween Candy Hunt Candy Corn.png
Click on the papers in the Boiler Room Down a ladder you can climb, the candy's near a puddle of slime.
Halloween Candy Hunt Wrapped Candy.png
Click on the cauldron in the Plaza Bubble Bubble, toil, and trouble, we'll have candy stew on the double!
Halloween Candy Hunt Pumpkin Gumball.png
Behind the bottom right pumpkin in the pumpkin patch in the Dock This next candy is on a patch, with lots of objects that almost match.
Halloween Candy Hunt Candy Apple.png
Behind the book in the Secret Laboratory In a super secret hidden lab, you'll need a costume that's very rad.
Halloween Candy Hunt Candy Bar.png
At the bottom of the brick wall after clicking on the door several times in the Haunted House This creepy house could make you shriek, near a door that makes you creak.
Halloween Candy Hunt Lollipop.png
Behind a bush that's behind a rock in the Dojo Courtyard The last of the treats is far up high, find a way up there as penguins can't fly.


Icon Item Location
Halloween scarf.png
Halloween Scarf Completing the hunt


  • There was a glitch where you couldn't get the Scavenger Hunt Stamp when you complete the candy hunt.





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