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The Halloween Catalog is a catalog that was used for the Halloween Party 2021.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Pumpkin Head.png
Pumpkin Head* Free Yes
The Neon Night.png
The Neon Night 250 Coin Icon.png No
Drooling Pumpkin.png
Drooling Pumpkin 400 Coin Icon.png

Face Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Vampire Fangs.png
Vampire Fangs* 50 Coin Icon.png Yes

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost
Candy Corn Scarf.png
Candy Corn Scarf 250 Coin Icon.png

Body Items

Icon Item Cost
Neon Skeleton Costume.png
Neon Skeleton Costume 900 Coin Icon.png
Pink Web Hoodie.png
Pink Web Hoodie 750 Coin Icon.png
Purple Rugby Shirt.png
Purple Rugby Shirt 560 Coin Icon.png
Haunted Armor.png
Haunted Armor 900 Coin Icon.png
Haunted TV.png
Haunted TV 650 Coin Icon.png

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost
Orange Bunny Slippers.png
Orange Bunny Slippers 350 Coin Icon.png
Black Bunny Slippers.png
Black Bunny Slippers 450 Coin Icon.png


Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Sea Monster Background Icon.png Sea Monster Background* 60 Coin Icon.png Yes

* Added on October 28, 2021.