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The Halloween Party 2019 was a party on Club Penguin Rewritten. It was confirmed on the What's New Blog. This party allowed players to transform into a Living Sled with the Sled Maker 3000.


Two weeks before the party started, Gary the Gadget Guy had an idea to turn the Night of the Living Sled (series) into reality to scare penguins for Halloween. He wanted to create a machine that transforms penguins into Living Sleds from the series.

From there Gary spent the next two weeks creating the Sled Maker 3000 in his Secret Laboratory. Once the Sled Maker 3000 was complete, Gary decided to conduct his first experiment on a Pink penguin with the player present. The experiment ends up going wrong with the penguin becoming an evil sled and Gary and the player flee to the Book Room.

Despite the machine turning penguins evil, Gary decides to let players use it anyway, but he gives them a warning before using it. On Halloween, Herbert P. Bear took over and tried to force everyone to be sleds, with The Sledpocalypse.

Near the end of the party, Gary was on the server Blizzard and gathered with EPF Agents at the EPF Command Room. Many of the agents were aware that Herbert was on Sleet at the same time. Gary then told the agents:

As many of you have noticed, Herbert is currently active. He currently has control of my sleds. However, because of the radar at the Dojo, I have been able to neutralize the sleds. Now, here's the plan. We're going to confront Herbert and scare him. I want you to all be sleds. I'll be sending out a message to all shortly.

Herbert being chased by sleds at the Ski Village

The agents asked if Gary would be confronting Herbert with them, to which Gary responded:

Currently, I just need to send out this message and we'll be on our way. Are you ready? Once you all turn into sleds, meet me at the Cove on Sleet!

A confrontation then occurred where Herbert was chased by the sleds towards the west of the island. Herbert eventually went into hiding after one last push of the sleds at the Ski Village.[1][2] Before Herbert left, he promised that the penguins would not see the last of him.


Free Items

Icon Item Location
Gary's Mad Scientist Giveaway Icon.png
Gary's Mad Scientist Giveaway Gary's Player Card
Ghost Costume.png
Ghost Costume Haunted House
Herbert's Giveaway Background Icon.png
Herbert's Giveaway Background Herbert's Player Card
Storm Lantern.png
Storm Lantern Dark Chamber
Swamp Monster.png
Swamp Monster Monster Room


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The following stamps were also available to collect during this party:

Image Name Location
Gary stamp.png
Gary Meeting Gary
Herbert Stamp.png
Herbert P Bear Meeting Herbert P. Bear
Path Finder stamp.png
Path Finder Swamp Maze
Scavenger Hunt Stamp.png
Scavenger Hunt Complete the Halloween Candy Hunt
Trick-or-treat Stamp.png
Trick-or-treat In players' Trick-or-Treat Igloos


  • There was originally not going to be any construction before the party.[3]
  • It was confirmed by Hagrid that the previously removed Monster Mash Stamp will be reintroduced with this party, and the Trick-or-treat Stamp last seen at the Halloween Party 2018.[4]
    • However, while the Trick-or-treat stamp returned, the Monster Mash stamp did not come back for unknown reasons.
  • The path to the Hidden Dojo Room (which led to the Dojo Pathway and Serene Springs) was blocked off during this party.
  • A Halloween Candy Hunt began on October 31, the beginning of the second week of the party.
  • It is the first Halloween party to coincide with an anniversary party.
  • The rooms were originally going to be just black and white without any decorations, similar to the style of the Night of the Living Sled (series). There was also originally going to be a transition somewhere in the party similar to the ones in the series.[5]
  • If you have 20 players as sleds in a room, the room will turn black and white.


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