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The Halloween Party 2020 Interface is an interface that was introduced during the Halloween Party 2020. Here, players could use candies collected from around the island to redeem various prizes.


Icon Item Cost
Spectral Costume.png
Spectral Costume 35 Candies.png
Skeleton Mask.png
Skeleton Mask 15 Candies.png
Shadow Wings.png
Shadow Wings 25 Candies.png
Tomb King Costume.png
Tomb King Costume 50 Candies.png
Orange Bunny Slippers.png
Orange Bunny Slippers 25 Candies.png
Autumn Scarf.png
Autumn Scarf 30 Candies.png
Witch's Broom.png
Witch's Broom 25 Candies.png
Ghost Vial.png
Ghost Vial 20 Candies.png
Web Hoodie.png
Web Hoodie 40 Candies.png
Tomb King Hat.png
Tomb King Hat 35 Candies.png
Purple Ghost Costume.png
Purple Ghost Costume 45 Candies.png
Pumpkin Cap.png
Pumpkin Cap 35 Candies.png
Spectral Sweet.png
Spectral Sweet 20 Candies.png
The Punktails.png
The Punktails
Purple Pumpkin Head.png
Purple Pumpkin Head 45 Candies.png