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The creepiest Halloween Party ever is on now!

The Halloween Party 2021 was a party in Club Penguin Rewritten. It was first confirmed on Twitter on August 2, 2021. The party began on October 21, 2021 and concluded on November 3, 2021.


Upon logging in for the first time during the party, players were greeted by Gary the Gadget Guy. He claimed that while testing a new invention, he had discovered a method of temporarily transforming penguins into vampires. However, Herbert P. Bear found out about this, stole the key to the machine, and ran off to the Corn Maze. Gary gave players the task of retrieving the key from Herbert and finishing the maze.

After entering the maze, players would find Herbert. He stated that he stole the key due to being annoyed by the high-pitched noise that the vampires made. After hearing the noise of another vampire, he became distracted and players would then snatch the key from him. From there, players had to find a way out of the maze before he caught them. If players got caught by him, they had to start the task over again. If they succeeded, Gary greeted them again with news. He stated that Herbert was still roaming the maze, but he had made an adjustment to the vampire transformation machine that allows vampires to create an even higher-pitched noise that only Herbert could hear. He then assigned them the final task of heading to the Mine to become a vampire and returning to the maze to scare Herbert away.

Once players went into the machine, became a vampire, and went back to the maze, Herbert would become highly irritated by the noise and run off. Players would then complete the maze one last time to find the Maze Victory room. There, they could collect the Corn Maze Background and Halloween Lei.


Icon Item Location
Candy Ghost BG Icon.png
Candy Ghost BG* Completing the Candy Ghost Hunt
Corn Maze Background Icon.png
Corn Maze Background Maze Victory
Halloween Lei.png
Halloween Lei
Ghost Costume.png
Ghost Costume Haunted House
Herbert's Maze Giveaway Icon.png
Herbert's Maze Giveaway Herbert P. Bear's Player Card
Purple Bat Wings.png
Purple Bat Wings Plaza

*Added on October 28, 2021.


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The following stamps were also available to collect during this party:


Image Name Location
Construction Stamp.png
Construction Coffee Shop, Dock, Pizza Parlor, Plaza, Town


Image Name Location
Herbert Stamp.png
Herbert P Bear Meeting Herbert P. Bear
Path Finder stamp.png
Path Finder Completing the Corn Maze
Trick-or-treat Stamp.png
Trick-or-treat In players' Trick-or-Treat Igloos



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