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The Herbert HQ was a party room in Club Penguin Rewritten. It made an appearance during Operation: Blackout. Located in Herbert's Fortress, it contained the final security terminal and a walkway to Sector 2. After unlocking all five previous security terminals, walking through the door in Lock Down would get you here.

This room contained a small desk, six containment cells (five of which would contain kidnapped EPF agents, which were Gary, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, Dot and The Director). This room also contained the Solar Laser that absorbed the energy of the sun purely for Herbert's warmth.

Security Terminal

The last security terminal was located in Herbert HQ. Similarly to Sector 1 and Sector 2's terminals, the terminal consisted of a short puzzle in which the player had to move security blocks to get a pass-key to the lock in order to destroy the Solar Laser and set Herbert's Fortress to self-destruct. This also granted the player with the final layer of the Herbert Security Clearance Pin.

The short puzzle featured in Terminal 6.

This terminal could be accessed from November 24, 2017 as part of Chapter 6 of the Blackout Quest Interface. Players had to wear the Anti Lava Boots to get through the door in Lock Down leading to this room. After completing this terminal and destroying the Solar Laser, a cutscene would play showcasing the destruction of the laser, the comeback of the sunlight and the reveal of The Director as Aunt Arctic.


Icon Pin
Herbert Security Clearance 6 Pin icon.png Herbert Security Clearance 6 Pin
Total 1


  • There was an empty containment cell remaining out of the six cells in total, and was the only cell that allowed the player to enter inside it.
  • There was a glitch that allowed you to get into this room before intended, however performing it could have resulted in being kicked from the server or even getting banned.
  • Sometimes the cutscene wouldn't play for some players. Clearing their cache would occasionally fix the glitch.


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