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The Holiday Party 2021 Catalog was a catalog that was used for the Holiday Party 2021.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
The Tree Topper.png
The Tree Topper 350 Coin Icon.png No
The Summit.png
The Summit 200 Coin Icon.png
The Night Sky.png
The Night Sky
The Winter Land.png
The Winter Land 250 Coin Icon.png Yes
Red Elf Hat.png
Red Elf Hat 150 Coin Icon.png
Caroler's Bonnet.png
Caroler's Bonnet 250 Coin Icon.png

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Icy Reindeer Costume.png
Icy Reindeer Costume 550 Coin Icon.png Yes
Sailor's Shirt.png
Sailor's Shirt 150 Coin Icon.png
Purple Parka.png
Purple Parka 300 Coin Icon.png No
Snow Style Jacket.png
Snow Style Jacket 350 Coin Icon.png
Caroler's Dress.png
Caroler's Dress

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Piratey Stuffie.png
Piratey Stuffie 150 Coin Icon.png No
Bell 100 Coin Icon.png Yes
The Rainbow Zephyr.png
The Rainbow Zephyr 400 Coin Icon.png No